Fans Abroad Will Lose Their Money when Asking Refunds for Tokyo Olympics

There could be bad news for the fans abroad who want to refund their tickets for the Tokyo Olympics. Depending on where you purchased your Tokyo Olympics tickets, you might be losing at least 20 percent of your money, or possibly more.

Refunds for Tokyo Olympics
Depending on where you purchased your Tokyo Olympics tickets, you might be losing at least 20 percent of your money, or possibly more.

If you get a refund of the canceled Tokyo Olympics, there’s a chance that you won’t get your money in full.

insiders have revealed to the mass media that most of the authorized ticket resellers and hotel packages at the Tokyo Olympics claim that they are not able to refund the full money.

But not enough with this shocking news alone, they will also postpone the refunds until late in the year. So, you won’t get your money back until later this year’s end.

There will be a 20 percent handling fee. Folks will also need to consider the refunds of other expenses such as hotel accommodation, logistics, tours, tour operator services, administration fees, and so on. The refund details will be different from one tour agent to another.

Obviously, this decision has hit a lot of fans abroad especially the family, friends, and supporters of the athletes who had purchased the tickets that cost them thousands of bucks. Most of them purchased the tickets before the breakouts happened.

Folks who are willing to attend the ceremonies or sports events at the Tokyo Olympics might only be able to get the accommodation packages through the monopoly market. The International Olympic Committee encouraged this practice to make this exclusive for only a few people. Some of the packages cost more than $10,000 per pax. Officials in the travel industry claimed that the ticket price is only 15% of the overall package prices.

The Australian Olympic Committee, for instance, has partnered with CoSport in ticket resale. They have been working with the CoSport to conduct the best practices for ticket refunds for their customers. CoSport also stated that the refunds would not happen until the third quarter of the year. It is because they will have to wait for the Tokyo 2020 Organizers to return the money to the travel companies.

Meanwhile, Tokyo 2020 Organizers claimed that the cancelation should be in the writing format. If this term is not met, they will still complete the ticket orders.  

Again, we take CoSport as a case example. CoSport has informed their customers to complete the survey which roots for the ticket cancellation. The customers will need to return the form before or by April 9. If you don’t return the form by April 9, it will affect the ticket refund.

Some people may be dealing with other travel organizers. And each organizer might have a different way to answer the refund demand.

It is also still not clear how Japanese suppliers will resolve this. If they can reimburse the ticket resellers for the cancelations of all elements besides the Olympics tickets, it will then be good.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign fans won’t receive the full refunds for their Tokyo Olympics tickets.  

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