Major Water Polo League Canceled – How About the Olympic?

With such long speculations and rumors about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021, we have seen a lot of cancellations from some divisions. The cancellation of the major water polo league has added another significant change to Olympic preparations.

Major Water Polo League Canceled
The cancellation of the major water polo league has added another significant change to Olympic preparations.

The COVID outbreak in Brisbane has affected all of the relevant sports events, including Olympic preparations.

With such an outbreak, the public started to question the future of the Australian Waterpolo team’s participation in the Tokyo Olympic 2021. The warm-up tournament is no longer in the schedule.

However, Rowie Webster, the Aussie Stingers captain stated that the cancelation of the Waterpolo League in Australia will not affect her Waterpolo team’s preparations for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

But because of the Brisbane outbreak, Water Polo Australia officials decided to cancel the national league. The breakout started to take place in Brisbane a week ago. The government would then issue the three-day lockdown to manage the spread of the virus.

No matter where we are looking from, the situation will be disappointing for both the athletes and the fans of the sports. Everyone won’t get the good opportunities to play the games which take place before the Olympics.

As we know, the games leading to the Olympics are very important not only to build a good rep but also preparation for the greater event.

Of course, there won’t be a problem for the athletes because the water polo squad members have been training in the bubble of Sunshine Coast before the game. They are away from the Brisbane areas with the alerted Covid-19 cases.

So, the plan to come to Brisbane is no longer on their agenda. Instead, the players in the water polo team will go to Sydney for the camp, preparing for the upcoming huge event in Tokyo.

Rowie Webster also added that they came with an open mind about what would be happening in the future. The upcoming events including the Tokyo Olympics will change in just split seconds because of the pandemic. So, the team is doing its best.

It also happens to all sports teams across the globe who have been preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. They’ve got a schedule for the next 30 days. And it won’t be the same when the pandemic strikes in some areas.

Some of the sports authorities have made difficult decisions to cancel some events. The Water Polo Australia also made such a difficult decision to cancel the Australian Waterpolo League.

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