Olympic Marathon Swimming Schedule 2021: Live Stream Free, Key Facts

For swimmers, swimming enthusiasts, and regular sport fans, the Marathon Swimming at the Tokyo Olympics 2021 is around the corner. Obviously, you and the fellow fans have been excited to welcome the Marathon Swimming at Tokyo Olympics 2021.

To make sure you don’t miss a bit of the 2021 Tokyo event, you can read this article until finish. We are going to share the information of athletes, venue, schedule, free live streaming option, and more. So, buckle up and stick with us until the last sentence.

Olympic Marathon Swimming

2021 Olympic Marathon Swimming Dates and Venues

TThe Olympic marathon swimming takes place from 4-5 August 2021. Women’s 10 km open water final will take place on 4 August. Meanwhile, the latter will take place on 5 August 2021.

The Olympic Marathon swimming schedule and all times are available in Japan Standard Time. You could take a look at the times and convert them into your local time so that you won’t miss watching it.

The Marathon Swimming venue is at Odaiba Marine Park. This park also hosts Triathlon. There are few changes made by the organizers for preparing for the Olympics. Instead of futuristic components, attendees can easily enjoy the natural greenery elements with ocean views.

The venue can hold up to 5,500 spectators in the park.

How to Watch Olympics Marathon Swimming Live Stream Online?

You can watch Olympics Marathon swimming live stream free online using Zattoo live streaming platform. Zattoo is a popular live streaming service in Switzerland that offers a wide array of channels coverage including the ones that broadcast the Olympics game, including marathon swimming matches.

The only takeaway to consider about this option is that it is available only in few countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Australia, Germany, and others. If you are out of the coverage areas, you will likely experience a blackout.

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Tokyo Olympic Marathon Swimming Schedule 2021

Here is the Complete Olympic Marathon Swimming Schedule 2021. Include Date, Kickoff time, Event list, Team *All times in Japan Standard Time (JST). So you need to convert it to your timezone.

Wed 4 Aug.6:30 – 9:10Women’s 10km
Women’s Victory Ceremony
Odaiba Marine Park
Thu 5 Aug.6:30 – 9:10Men’s 10km
Men’s Victory Ceremony
Odaiba Marine Park

Also Check:

Olympic Marathon Swimming Rules

The athletes who take part in participation will only have one chance to qualify. According to the officials, there will be no heats or preliminary rounds.

Olympics Marathon Swimming History

The Marathon swimming category is relatively a new addition to the Olympics event. Its very first debut was in Beijing 2008 Games. Marathon swimming is different because it takes the chance to use the various bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, as well as sea.

Top Olympic Marathon Swimming Teams at Tokyo Olympics

For winning the Men’s race, Florian Wellbrock of Germany will be the first to be favorite. Then there is Marc-Antoine Olivier of French and Ferry Weertman of Dutch.


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