2021 Summer Olympics Schedule

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In 2020, Tokyo could have hosted the Summer Olympics. But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event was postponed. Most athletes were left devastated. However, the Japanese government, World Health Organization, International Olympic Committee (IOC), and other stakeholders met and concluded that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would occur in 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Sportspeople who qualified will represent their country in the Olympics 2021.

When will the Olympics 2021 Take place?

According to the schedule by International Olympic Committee, the Olympics 2021 will start on July 23rd, 2021, and end on August 8th, 2021. It will be during the summer, dubbing it the 2021 Summer Olympics. Then the Paralympics will begin on August 24th and end on September 5th, 2021.

The Olympics opening ceremony will take place on July 23, 2021. The closing ceremony will be on the end day of the Olympics (August 8, 2021).

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Schedule for 2021

Here is the complete 2021 Tokyo Olympics Schedule. Include Sports list, Discipline and Dates. You will also get every sport in Summer Olympics 2021 schedule one by one.

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Olympics 2021 Schedule
Sport Discipline Dates
Aquatics Swimming July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Diving July 25 (Sunday) – July 28 (Wednesday), July 30 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Artistic Swimming August 2 (Monday) – August 4 (Wednesday), August 6 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Water Polo July 24 (Saturday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Marathon Swimming August 4 (Wednesday) – August 5 (Thursday)
Archery July 23 (Friday) – Julyt 31 (Saturday)
Athletics Track & Field / Marathon July 30 (Friday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Race Walk July 30 (Friday), August 6 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Badminton July 24 (Saturday) – August 2 (Monday)
Baseball/Softball Baseball July 28 (Wednesday) – August 5 (Thursday), August 7 (Saturday)
Softball July 21 (Wednesday) – July 22 (Tuesday), July 24 (Saturday) – July 27 (Tuesday)
Basketball 3×3 Basketball July 24 (Saturday) – July 28 (Wednesday)
Basketball July 25 (Sunday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Boxing* July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday), August 3 (Tuesday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Canoe Slalom July 25 (Sunday) – July 30 (Friday)
Sprint August 2 (Monday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Cycling BMX Freestyle July 31 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
BMX Racing July 29 (Thursday) – July 30 (Friday)
Mountain Bike July 26 (Monday) – July 29 (Tuesday)
Road July 26 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 28 (Wednesday)
Track August 2 (Monday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Equestrian Dressage July 24 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 27 (Tuesday) – July 28 (Wednesday)
Eventing July 30 (Friday) – August 2 (Monday)
Jumping August 3 (Tuesday) August 6 (Wednesday), August 7 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Fencing July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Football July 21 (Wednesday) – July 22 (Thursday), July 24 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 27 (Tuesday) – July 28 (Wednesday), July 30 (Friday) – July 31 (Saturday), August 2 (Monday) – August 3 (Tuesday), August 5 (Thursday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Golf July 29 (Thursday) – August 1 (Sunday), August 4 (Wednesday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Gymnastics Artistic July 24 (Saturday) – July 29 (Thursday), August 1 (Sunday) – August 3 (Tuesday)
Rhythmic August 6 (Friday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Trampoline July 30 (Friday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Handball July 24 (Saturday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Hockey July 24 (Saturday) – August 6 (Friday)
Judo July 24 (Saturday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Karate Kata, Kumite August 5 (Thursday)- August 7 (Saturday)
Modern Pentathlon August 5 (Thursday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Rowing July 23 (Friday) – July 30 (Friday)
Rugby July 26 (Monday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Sailing July 25 (Sunday) – August 4 (Wednesday)
Shooting Rifle and Pistol July 24 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 27 (Tuesday), July 29 (Thursday) – August 2 (Monday)
Shotgun July 25 (Sunday) – July 26 (Monday), July 28 (Wednesday) – July 29 (Thursday), July 31 (Saturday)
Skateboarding Park August 4 (Wednesday) – August 5 (Thursday)
Street July 25 (Sunday) – July 26 (Monday)
Sport Climbing August 3 (Tuesday) – August 6 (Friday)
Surfing July 25 (Sunday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Table Tennis July 24 (Saturday) – July 30 (Friday), August 1 (Sunday) – August 6 (Friday)
Taekwondo July 24 (Saturday) – July 27 (Tuesday)
Tennis July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Triathlon July 26 (Monday) – July 27 (Tuesday), July 31 (Saturday)
Volleyball Beach Volleyball July 24 (Saturday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Volleyball July 24 (Saturday) – August 8 (Sunday)

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The Official Title of 2021 Summer Olympics

Though the event is happening in 2021, it will still be referred to as Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Considering contractual agreements between the stakeholders and the existing marketing and branding, the organizers choose to stick with the precious title for Tokyo 2020.

It, therefore, means that the official branding of the Olympics taking place in 2021 in Tokyo is “Tokyo 2020”. The medals will also be for “Tokyo 2020” and not ‘Tokyo 2021’.

Which Countries will Participate in the Tokyo 2020?

All countries will take part in the 2021 Summer Olympics except North Korea. North Korea’s Olympic Committee confirmed that its athletes would not attend the Olympics, citing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Field and Track Events Venue

All track events except the 50K Race Walk and marathon will happen in Tokyo’s National Stadium. The average temperatures will be almost similar to those in Doha during the 2019 IAAF World Championship. But high temperatures are not ideal for long events such as the marathon, causing a debate on where the 2021 Olympic marathon will occur.

The organizing committee suggested various ways the athletes could keep cool, like planting trees within the course for shade or putting water misting stations. But these ideas were overtaken by Sapporo’s looped course, which is approximately a five-hour drive on Tokyo’s north. The temperatures are much more relaxed there, making it the ideal place to hold the Olympic marathon.

Which Games and Events Will Take Place at The Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics will feature all the existing games and fifteen new events. Additionally, five more sports have been introduced:

  1. Baseball/softball
  2. Karate
  3. Sport climbing
  4. Surfing
  5. Skateboarding

With these sports, the total number of sports at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be 33.

Is It a Must for the Tokyo 2020 Participants to be vaccinated against Covid-19?

It’s not a must for participants to be vaccinated. However, all the participants are encouraged to go for the Coronavirus vaccine as a safety precaution against the disease. The IPC and IOC made some Covid-19 guidelines to follow during the event.

According to the guidelines, the athletes shouldn’t leave the Olympic Village during the competition. Participants will get tested for Covid-19, and if found positive, they will have to self-isolate as per the WHO guidelines. They also should not visit any public sites not approved by the organizing committee.

Can I attend the Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics as a spectator?

No, you can’t attend the event as an international spectator. However, local spectators will be allowed into the event venues. The local spectators, officials, and participants must follow all the Covid-19 guidelines provided by the organizing committee and the World Health Organization.