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Get The 2021 Olympic Baseball Schedule, live stream guide, Events, Venue, Scoring and technique, History, Top Baseball athletes at the Olympics, and more info. Then, you are in the right place!

Those who have been yearning for baseball competition in the Olympics for over a decade, you have the resolution this year. The officials have added Baseball in the Olympics for the 2020 Tokyo Games this summer.

It has been 13 years of waiting for baseball fans to see their favorite sports spectacle in the Olympic Competition. And it will return to Tokyo 2020 that will take place this summer 2021.

Not to mention that Japan is where the huge baseball fans are focusing. So it is a moment not to miss by many home fans. Please find out more information about it below.

Olympic Baseball 2021

Olympic Baseball Schedule 2021

Here is the Complete Man’s Olympic Baseball Schedule with dates, start time, venues and competitions:

Note: *All times in Japan Standard Time (JST). So, You need to convert it to your location.

Wed 28 July12:00 – 15:00Fukushima Azuma Baseball StadiumBaseball Opening Round
Thu 29 July19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Opening Round
Fri 30 July12:00 – 15:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Opening Round
Fri 30 July19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Opening Round
Sat 31 July12:00 – 15:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Opening Round
Sat 31 July19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Opening Round
Sun 1 Aug12:00 – 15:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#1)
Sun 1 Aug.19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#2)
Mon 2 Aug.12:00 – 15:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#3)
Mon 2 Aug.19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#4)
Tue 3 Aug.19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#5)
Wed 4 Aug.12:00 – 15:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#6)
Wed 4 Aug.19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Knockout stage (#7)
Thu 5 Aug.19:00 – 22:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Semifinal (#8)
Sat 7 Aug.12:00 – 15:00Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Bronze Medal Game (#9)
Sat 7 Aug.19:00 – 22:30Yokohama Baseball StadiumBaseball Gold Medal Game (#10)
Baseball Victory Ceremony

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How to Watch Olympic Baseball Live Stream Online?

You know that the Olympics is a multi-sports event and here at the same time, different countries broadcast Olympics live contents on different channels. So. you need to find out your location, broadcasters, or Online live streaming partners. Such as in the USA, NBC Universal coverage & live stream Olympics through their channel, USA, CNBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel, Universo, and Using media streaming service. In addition, you can access Olympic Baseball Live online without cable. In the UK, you can depend on BBC iPlayer or Europlayers for online streaming access. Etc.

If you want to watch Olympics Baseball Live Stream free online from any location. Follow our quick guide to accessing Olympics live online free!

Olympic Baseball Events

The officials have released the events schedule of the Competition. The Tokyo Olympics will start from 28 July to 7 August 2021.

In Baseball, the group stage will last four days, and the elimination round will kick off on 1 August.

So, the battle between pitcher and batter will essentially cover many of the parts in the upcoming Olympics games. And if you have reserved the option to watch it at your place, you will enjoy many baseball games there.

Consider taking a look at the official site of the Tokyo Olympics to see the full schedule of the Baseball games there.


The organizers have appointed two places where the competitors will compete in the prestigious international baseball games. One place is in Yokohama, south of Tokyo. And the other place will be in Fukushima Prefecture.

The early phase of the games will happen at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium, catering to 30,000 attendees. That also includes hosting the opening game of the baseball tournament on 28 July.

The rest of the games will happen at Yokohama Stadium. This stadium can cater to up to 34,000 attendees. So, it will be slightly more crowded than Fukushima stadium. But keep in mind that the organizers will restrict the number of attendees as part of the safety covid-19 protocols.

The attendees must also wear masks and follow the protocols issued by the government. One won’t be able to attend the place if they break the rules.

If you have a reservation, make sure to call your service provider again to confirm your reservation. During the pandemic, a lot of things have changed. Therefore, you will want to be ready when you visit Japan.

Scoring and technique

The structure of the tournament is a little bit complicated. First, there will be two groups of three. So each team must play two games. But none of them are eliminated after the round-robin stage.

During the first KO round, the officials will appoint two second-placed teams and two third-placed teams to compete against each other. After that, the two group winners will advance to the next round. Meanwhile, the losers will meet each other in the elimination round.

There will be a double elimination knockout after the first KO round. So, a single team will be eliminated after losing twice. From there, the double elimination will apply in medal matches.

But it will only stop the gold medal game. This is because the gold medal game adapts the single-elimination system.

Olympic Baseball History

Baseball in the Olympics has quite a long story, from demonstration to exhibitions, to inclusion. From 1904-1988, the officials added Baseball only as the demonstrative sport. Then it attained its first medal event at Barcelona 1992.

From then, there were five tournaments of Baseball in the Olympics until Beijing 2008. After that, the IOC excluded this sport from London in 2012.

Long story short, there will be six nations who are participating in Olympics Baseball at Tokyo 2020.

Cuba has by far the most gold holders. The US had dominated Sydney 2000. Meanwhile, the Republic of Korea crowned the Baseball team in Beijing in 2008.

Meanwhile, the hosting nation Japan attained bronze medals at Barcelona 1992 and Athens 2004.

Top Baseball Athlete at the Olympics 2021

The six teams that will compete are Japan, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, the US, and Cuba.

We have known four of these teams already have their own Major League baseball players. Not to mention that Japan and South Korea will dispatch their best domestic players from each organization.

In Japan, the one which comes out with the best baseball players in Nippon Professional Baseball. Meanwhile, the Korean Baseball Organization is the one where professionals are there regardless of their ages.

For more Information about Baseball at The Tokyo 2020, Visit here!


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