5 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites For watch Tokyo Olympics Online

Watching the Tokyo Olympics does not have to be expensive. Or, you don’t have to pay for the games you want to watch.

Perhaps you have come across some pages that inform you of ways to watch the Tokyo Olympics for free. But not all of them are created equal. While some options might work, there are some options that turn out to be bogus options.

Some of these sites are filled with fake links. Of course, you don’t want to waste your time on particular sites. Don’t waste your time researching on your own and see our list instead.

Why Free streaming websites are harmful & our Recommendation

Free Streaming websites are usually coming with malware and spyware. Many of them also come with fake links and bogus services.

Some of the sites indeed offer free coverage of the Olympics Games. You don’t need to spend a single buck to enjoy their service. But you will need to do it with your own discretion. They are not the safest sites due to the ads, malware, spyware, etc. Not to mention the non-official practices that they do. I recommend you use VPN when using those sites, or not using them at all for your own safety.

Is there any legal way? The answer is YES.

You can use 7Plus instead. It is a service from Seven Network in Australia. It is free of charge. The takeaway is that you need to be in Australia to enjoy this service.

Consider using ExpressVPN to connect to an Australian server if you are outside of the country.

olympics live stream free websites

Here is the list of the free sports streaming sites where you can watch Tokyo Olympics Online without paying. Please use the sites below with your own discretion.


It has been around for a while. Here are the sports contents that they provide: Football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and other sports.

Be prepared when accessing the site since it has annoying pop-ups. If you can tolerate the ads on your device, then you are good to go.

Stream2Watch is a site that aggregates streams from different sites. So, you will notice different video qualities in this buddy.

It’s a comprehensive platform where you’re likely to discover a nice game or match, including Olympics Games.

CrackStreams, like many sites that integrate other streams, may include intrusive and deceptive pop-up advertising. You could use the ads blocker software to handle it.
Some videos may still have advertisements overlay. Close each ad and use the Back button if you’re redirected.


In contrast to the site’s homepage, which claims that it is completely free, SportSurge Net is a subscription-based site that does not require verification and subscription. High-quality links to access HD content are included with Sportsurge.
The site comes in the directory form, offers all sorts of sports It has a solid link to live broadcasts on its website.

The interface of this site is good enough for browsing and navigating. The dark theme is sleek and elegant, making the users want to stay in the site for a long time.
but to be sure, you will want to keep your antivirus and firewall turned on while using this service.

VIPRow Sports

Viprow is a free content streaming service that allows users to watch live sporting events in HD. With a good internet connection, you can watch the Olympic games from anywhere on the globe.

It has a huge sports library including soccer, football, and to mention a few. You’ll discover streaming links as well as fun material like trivia.

As a sports fan, you care about your club as well as the other teams in your league. With Viprow, you can watch any match live.

It does not have any problem with the geo-restrictions or whatsoever. So, you can rest assured to watch the Olympic Games from anywhere in the world.

After praising VipLeague’s user-friendly interface, I will also praise the availability of the channels that stream the Olympics games.

It has the same dark look with white thumbnails and small icons. The large thumbnails make it easy to discover your favourite sports material.

Just make sure you use a VPN service when using this site.


BuffStreams is full of unlicensed movies, TV shows, and sports events. It has been around for a while in the sports lovers community. If you want to try the safe third party sites to watch the Olympics, this can be a great option for you.

Since the site is not authorized, consider using a VPN service to protect your identity.


Stream2watch is an old player out there. It offers great content for sports, news, and entertainment.

The website layout is cool. But we love the user interface more. The site can provide the great actions of the Olympics without intervening in the User Experience. If you think that the video player is like a YouTube, then you’re right. Its layout gives it a close vibe to the platform. This streaming site has such a huge library you can browse around to find the games you want to watch in the Olympics.


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