Tokyo Olympic Artistic Swimming Schedule 2021: Live Stream & Key Facts

Artistic swimming is one of the 33 sports (50 disciplines) competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics. If you’re a huge fan of the artistic swimming sport category, you will surely expect something great in the Olympics.

Just like the fellow fans of the sport, it is important to stay updated and relevant with the current information so that you won’t miss a bit of the sport. Here we are going to share the relevant information including the venue, schedule, live stream option, and so on.

The artistic swimming comes up with artful athleticism. So, there will be different things that we can enjoy in every game.

 Olympic Artistic Swimming

2021 Olympic Artistic Swimming Dates and Venues

Artistic swimming dates are from 2 to 7 August 2021. all the complete schedule and times are in JST – Japan Standard Time. Make sure to convert them into your own time zone so that you won’t miss to watch it.

The artistic swimming venue is at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Artistic Swimming Schedule

Here is the Complete Summer Olympic Artistic Swimming Schedule 2021. Include Date, Kickoff time, Event list, Team *All times in Japan Standard Time (JST). So you need to convert it to your timezone.

Monday, 2 August 202119:30 – 21:45Duet Free Routine PreliminaryTokyo Aquatics Centre
Tuesday, 3 August 202119:30 – 21:45Duet Technical RoutineTokyo Aquatics Centre
Wednesday, 4 August 202119:30 – 21:45Duet Free Routine FinalTokyo Aquatics Centre
Friday, 6 August 202119:30 – 20:35Team Technical RoutineTokyo Aquatics Centre
Saturday, 7 August 202119:30 – 21:15Team Free RoutineTokyo Aquatics Centre

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Olympic Artistic Swimming Rules

The format of the artistic swimming is simple. There are two competitions: the duet that involves two athletes, and the team competition that involves eight athletes in each team. There are free routine and technical routine. The variables for the evaluation are synchronization, technique, difficulty, and choreography.

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Olympics Artistic Swimming History

Back before named as Artistic Swimming, we recognized this discipline as synchronized swimming until 2017. Only the name is different but the sport is just the same as usual. The team event of this sport debuted in the 1996 Olympics. Meanwhile, the duet team debuted in Sydney in 2000.

Top Olympic Artistic Swimming Teams at Tokyo Olympics

The most dominating country team for this sport is Russia.


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