Olympic Sport Climbing Schedule 2021: Live Stream, TV Coverage & More

Climbing is joining the Olympics for the first time in the history of summer events. And this is going to happen no other than at the Tokyo Olympics. It is a great deal of movement for professional climbers across the globe since they will have the chance to bring their country names to the most prestigious sports event conducted on earth.

If you’re here to find out more about the Climbing competition at Tokyo Olympics 2020, then your decision is correct. Proceed reading to get informed.

Olympic Sport Climbing 2021

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the officials postponed the Olympics, and the games will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

In the Climbing sports competition, the whole event will start with the Male climber’s qualification and close with the female climbers’ final round. Stick to NBC or other rightful broadcasters to follow through the events.

Tokyo Olympic 2021 Sport Climbing Venue

All the Climbing matches will take place at Aomi Urban Sports Park, Tokyo, Japan.

Summer Olympic Sport Climbing Schedule 2021

2021 Olympic Sport Climbing

Here is the Complete Summer Olympic Sport Climbing Schedule 2021 with the date, game start time, venues, and the number of events.

Tuesday, August 317:00 – 22:40Aomi Urban Sports ParkMen’s Combined Qualification – Speed
Men’s Combined Qualification – Bouldering
Men’s Combined Qualification – Lead
Wednesday, August 417:00 – 22:40Aomi Urban Sports ParkWomen’s Combined Qualification – Speed
Women’s Combined Qualification – Bouldering
Women’s Combined Qualification – Lead
Tuesday, August 517:30 – 22:20Aomi Urban Sports ParkMen’s Combined Final – Speed
Men’s Combined Final – Bouldering
Men’s Combined Final – Lead
Men’s Combined Victory Ceremony
Friday, August 617:30 – 22:20Aomi Urban Sports ParkWomen’s Combined Final – Speed
Women’s Combined Final – Bouldering
Women’s Combined Final – Lead
Women’s Combined Victory Ceremony

N.B: *All times in Japan Standard Time (JST). So you need to convert it in your location time

Which TV Channel will Coverage Surfing at the Olympics?

2020 Summer Olympics is a multi-sporting event. It has different TV broadcasters based on Countries. You can find out your TV channel providers from here.

How to Watch Olympic Surfing Live Stream Online?

If you want to watch Olympic Surfing Online? You can Live Stream Olympic Surfing online free from anywhere. Here is our complete guide to watching Olympic Surfing Live Stream Online. Watch Here Free!

In the USA NBC will live coverage the Olympic Surfing and all events. BBC and Eurosport provide complete tv coverage in the UK. CBC in Canada, CBC Gem is the live tv streaming option for Canadian viewers. Australian viewers need to tune in to 7plus. You can check the Olympics broadcaster full list and info from Here.

Sport Climbing Scoring and Technique

20 men and 20 women will compete in these Climbing disciplines: Speed Climbing, Bouldering, and Lead Climbing.

In speed climbing, the competitors will race two side-by-side on a 15-meter wall. The first ones to hit the buzzer at the finished part will advance to the next heat.

In the bouldering discipline, the officials will present the boulder problems to the competitors. The climbers must solve it. The goal is to achieve the finish hold.

Meanwhile, in the lead climbing discipline, the competitors will wear harnesses connected to the climbing rope and climb to the taller wall. Although there’s a top of the wall, the judges will score how far the climbers achieve.

The scoring is the combination of the placement of the climbers in all three disciplines. Those with the most scores will attain gold medals.

Olympic Sport Climbing History

The addition of climbing to the Tokyo Olympics brings fresh entertainment to all sports fans across the globe. Although it is relatively new in the Olympics, it is not strange for climbers in Tokyo.

The IFSC – International Sport Climbing Federation started to add the combination of the disciplines in the World Championship three years ago. The younger championships also merged the three disciplines into one back in 2019. So, there are a lot of changes that disrupt conventional competition. But for the very first time, we will finally see the Climbing three disciplines in one competition.

The USA Climbing started the combined competition in 2019.

So, it is not exaggerating to say that these opportunities are relatively new for many competitors. We are going to see such exciting moments in the upcoming Sports event.

Top Olympic Sport climbers at Tokyo 2021

Several names will show up at the competition in the Men Climbing division that you shouldn’t miss. One of them is Nathaniel Coleman from the US. He has been known for his unbeatable bouldering achievement.

He won at USA Climbing Bouldering Nationals in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In January 2019, he finished second in the Combined Invitation. So, the three disciplines climbing competition is not a new thing for him. He will be joining with fellow professional Colin Duffy to represent the US in the upcoming games. Duffy is the youngest Olympian in America.

The other name to see is Ludovico Fossali of Italy. He is a speed specialist. He was granted a ticket to the upcoming Olympics after getting 3rd place at the World Championships in Japan.

Kai Harada of Japan is also a great one to follow. He has the highest achievement in the World Cup Events. His speed results are not the most prominent, but he is a strong contender in the hosting country.

The other international contenders to see are Jan Hojer of Germany, Rishta Khaibullin of Kazakhstan, Alberto Innes Lopez from Spain, Bassa Mawem of France, Mickael Mawem of France, Sean McColl of Canada, Alex Megos of Germany, Tomoa Narasaki of Japan, Adam Ondra of Czech Republic, Yufei Pan from China, and Jakob Schubert of Austria.

In the Women division, we’d expect to watch the actions of Julia Chanourdie of France. She has an impressive record of World Cup results. Then there is Kyra Condie of the US, a strong competitor with expertise in the combined disciplines.

Shauna Coxsey of Great Britain will come out as the strong contender for both two climbers. The other names to watch are Janja Garnbret of Slovenia, Iuliia Kaplina of Russia, Petra Klingler of Switzerland, Mia Krampl, and many more.


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