Olympic Surfing Schedule 2021: Live Stream, TV Coverage & More

It is fantastic to know that your favorite sport will make it to the 2020 Summer Olympics Games. If you are a huge fan of Surfing sport, you can have that same fun feeling since this category will debut at the prestigious event.

Tokyo Olympic 2021 Surfing Venue

The Surfing competition in the Tokyo Olympic 2021 will kick off at Tsurisaki Surfing Beach in Chiba, Japan. You can tune into your favorite channel to watch the actions live from the location from July 25 to August 1, 2021.

Summer Olympic Surfing Schedule 2021

Here is the complete schedule of Summer Olympic Surfing:

*All times in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Date Time Event
Sun 25 July 7:00 – 16:20 Men’s Round 1
Women’s Round 1
Men’s Round 2
Women’s Round 2
Mon 26 July 7:00 – 16:40 Women’s Round 3
Men’s Round 3
Tue 27 July 7:00 – 14:20 Men’s  Quarterfinals
Women’s Quarterfinals
Men’s Semifinals
Women’s Semifinals
Wed 28 July 8:00 – 11:35 Women’s Bronze medal match
Men’s Bronze medal match
Women’s Gold medal match
Men’s Gold medal match
Women’s Victory Ceremony
Men’s Victory Ceremony
Thu 29 July Competition TBD
Fri 30 July Competition TBD
Sat 31 July Competition TBD
Sun 1 Aug. Competition TBD
2021 Olympic Surfing

Which TV Channel will Coverage Surfing at Olympics?

Olympics is massive event and Surfing will broadcast USA on NBC, UK on BBC and Eurosport, Seven Network on Australia, Grupo Globo and BandSports on Brazil and more. Check here Olympics 2021 broadcaster list.

How to Watch Olympic Surfing Live Stream Online?

Olympics Surfing live stream on your PC, TV, iPhone, Android, Smart TVs via subscribe your country online streaming platform. If you want to watch 2021 Olympics Surfing live stream online free from any location? Watch Here online free!

2020 Olympic Surfing Rules

In surfing, there are two primary disciplines: shortboard surfing and longboard surfing. In the summer Olympics, the athletes will compete aligned to the shortboard surfing discipline. The Olympics judges will mark the athletes from their maneuvers performance. They will rate the type, difficulty, and techniques.

There’s one of the most awaited techniques to watch, such as advanced surfing moves. A surfer would conduct the 360 movements in the jaw drops, which is the complete circle spinning.

The judges will also value certain core variables such as fastness, power, and flow. The scoring will be one to ten with two decimals max. For instance, a surfer would attain an 8.25 score.

The officials have announced the exact rules of the competition. And it is the responsibility of the surfers to comply. One can lose points for breaking the rules or failing to conduct the proper technique.

Four athletes will be competing in one session at the same time. The best two competitors will advance to the next run. Each heat/session will run for 20 to 25 minutes. The difficulties of the maneuvers will be the key to reserve points for the surfers.

Olympic Surfing History

As we mentioned back at the beginning of this post, it will be the debut of the Surfing category in the Olympic Games. Back then, the IOC – International Olympic Committee confirmed that surfing joined the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

With the long struggle, the avid fans of surfing will finally see their favourite spectacle in one of the biggest sports events in the world. The members of IOC unanimously approved the proposal to add surfing. It is a huge movement that was conducted by the Olympic officials for the first time.

Just like other sports, the surfers will compete for gold, silver, and bronze.

Top Olympic Surfers at Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo surfing competition will feature the top surfers across the globe, including the world champions, WSL veterans, and qualified professionals, to entertain all of the viewers. If you have been following this sport for a while, it might not be surprising that the top contenders come from the US, Australia, and Brazil.

You will notice some popular names like John Florence, Carissa Moore from the US delegations. Stephanie Gilmore is one strong contender from Australia that you shouldn’t miss too. She is 7 times the world champion. Owen Wright will join the same team.

Gabriel Medina of Brazil is also a surfer that you must watch. He is the first Brazilian surfer who took the crown of surfing world champion. Italo Ferreira, the world champion, will represent South America as well.

Japan surfer Igarashi Kanoa is totally up for the competition to represent his country.

Olympic Surfing Competition Format at Tokyo 2021

The event will host the competition for 20 male and 20 female surfers in three rounds which comprise 20-25 minute heats. Meanwhile, the three finals will have 30-minute heats.

  • Round one will feature four athletes to compete per heat.
  • But round two will have five surfers to compete.
  • In round three, the competition will be one-on-one. In this round, things can get exciting.

Since surfing is dynamic, it won’t be surprising that the judges will value the performers differently.
The higher the risk that the surfers choose, the more potential that they will get higher marks.
The other standard is the manoeuvre of the surfers. Those who have more progressive moves will have more potential to score more.

Variety is also essential since the judges would expect to watch different types of maneuvers from the surfers. Of course, the participating athletes shouldn’t forget about speed, power, as well as flow.


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