List of Sports at 2021 Summer Olympic Games

On this page, you get the complete list of the Summer Olympics Games and a list of new sports at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The Olympics is an international multi-sports game. There are 33 categories in this game. People all over the world participate in this game both the summer and winter. The Tokyo Olympic 2021 will be more enthusiastic because the Olympic committee has added 6 new sports.

These six new sports will make their official debut along with the other 28 sports. Tokyo Olympic 2021 added 18 new medal events. Nine medals for each male and female athlete.

List of new event Tokyo Olympic 2021

In every Olympics edition, the number of games added or subtracted is not huge, but it happens. This Tokyo Olympics 2021 is not an exception. Six new sports were added to the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

new sports at Tokyo Olympic


Skateboarding is a sport that will make its debut in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. It is a sport that involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard.

The Skateboarding will perform both male and female in the park and street. The street will be designed in such a way as it will replicate the street skating with ramps, stairs, and rails. That’s how it will be a testing time for riders to utilize their tricks at the most. The game will permit athletes to skate individually on three-time runs. And thus, it will be analyzed and scored based on the difficulty of their tricks, height, speed, and ingenuity.

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is also making its debut in the Tokyo Olympic games 2021.

The sport climbing will participate by men and women. This event will comprise three major disciplines speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing. Sport climbing will examine the fitness and endurance of the climber. The athletes have to climb a 15-meter high wall within 6 minutes, and the rope will not have safety ropes. The individual athletes have to overcome as many fixed routes on a 4-meter high wall within 4 minutes.


In the upcoming Tokyo Olympic game 2021, Surfing is also going to make its debut. Both men and women athletes will perform in this event. In this competition, four competitors will compete, and each event will last for 20 to 25 minutes based on the quality of waves. Based on precise execution to overcome the large waves, the performer will be judged, and two athletes will go to the next round with a high score.


Karate is another sport which also going to join The Tokyo Olympic 2021 after wrestling. Both men and women athletes will compete in two disciplines, Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring).

The athlete has to perform offensive and defensive movements against the virtual opponent in Kate. The competition will be judged based on speed, strength, balance, rhythm, and power.

In Kumite, two equal weight competitors will perform against each other. The event will be occurred an 8 by 8-meter area for 3 minutes, and Points will be designated to the athlete based on performance like kicks, punches, or land strikes on the target area of the opponent’s body. The athlete who will win a maximum of eight points will be announced as the winner.

Baseball and Softball

Only men perform Baseball, but women are also performing in this event in a new softball version after four years. In Tokyo Olympic 2021, Men’s baseball and women’s softball is added. Baseball and Softball are played similarly. Softball is played with a larger ball.

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Complete The 2021 Summer Olympics Sports List

Here is the 33 categories Sports list with the number of event and more:

Summer Olympic Sports
Sr. No. Sports No of Event
01 Aquatics Artistic swimming (2)
Diving (8)
Swimming (37)
Water polo (2)
02 Archery 5
03 Athletics 48
04 Badminton 5
05 Baseball Baseball (1)
Softball (1)
06 Basketball Basketball (2)
3x3 basketball (2)
07 Boxing 13
08 Canoeing Slalom (4)
Sprint (12)
09 Cycling BMX freestyle (2)
BMX racing (2)
Mountain biking (2)
Road cycling (4)
Track cycling (12)
10 Equestrian Dressage (2)
Eventing (2)
Jumping (2)
11 Fencing 12
12 Field hockey 2
13 Football 2
14 Golf 2
15 Gymnastics Artistic (14)
Rhythmic (2)
Trampoline (2)
16 Handball 2
17 Judo 15
18 Karate Kata (2)
Kumite (6)
19 Modern pentathlon 2
20 Rowing 14
21 Rugby sevens 2
22 Sailing 10
23 Shooting 15
24 Skateboarding 4
25 Sport Climbing 2
26 Surfing 2
27 Table tennis 5
28 Taekwondo 8
29 Tennis 5
30 Triathlon 3
31 Volleyball Volleyball (2)
Beach volleyball (2)
32 Weightlifting 14
33 Wrestling Freestyle (12)
Greco-Roman (6)