Best VPN to Stream Olympic Games Live Online from Anywhere

If you have been looking for the best VPN services to stream the Tokyo Olympic games live online from any location, You have come to the right page since we are going to share with you the best VPN services available right in the Market.

It is a good thing to expect the Olympic Games. This time, the event will eventually happen, although the officials have postponed it back in the day because of the pandemic.

The officials have also announced the broadcasters who have the right to stream all the things online. The problem is that these streaming services have the geo-restriction policy which prevents the viewers in out of the market to watch it. Although you subscribe to a particular service, you might not be able to access them because you are traveling to the other side of the globe. Here is where the VPN enters to help you. With the VPn service, you can unlock the services anywhere, anytime you want.

Although you’re out of your country, you can still use the Olympics live streaming service with the help of VPN service.

Best VPN to Stream Olympic Games

How to Choose the Best VPN for Olympics streams

Choosing the best VPN service for you shouldn’t be daunting. First things first, you will need to find out what you really need with the service. Then, you can focus only on the top-rated services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN and so on. Check on their plans and pick the ones that provide the specific country servers that you need to connect. Decide your budget as well since the pricing can be the determinant factor to choose a particular VPN service. If the providers offer your free trials and money-back guarantee, those could be the great selling factors.

Why should you not rely on a free VPN?

Free VPN is usually prone to cyber attack. It is because most of these free services do not come with ample security and privacy quality. The free VPN service is also slower because there are too many users who use the particular server at the same time. For better protection and speed, consider using Paid VPN service. Although using a free VPN service can save you some money, it is not worth the risks.

Best VPN Service for live stream Summer Olympic Games Online

Here is the best VPN services list that we’ve compiled for you. Have a good check.



ExpressVPN is arguably the no.1 VPN option in the world. It can unblock all types of websites including region-locked sites. It has a huge list of servers across the globe that are ready to choose for streaming, gaming, and other activities.It has a unique protocol called Lightway, which speeds up the connection exponentially.


  • Fast speeds of servers across the globe
  • Has multi-layers of security service
  • Unblock all types of sites
  • Zero logs policy
  • The quality support around the clock


  • It does not come cheap



NordVPN is a seamless solution for cord cutters and streamers. If you have ditched your TV cable and want to stream on a daily basis instead, you could pick this for steady and reliable connections. Besides, it also comes with ample security and privacy protection. By far we wrote this review, it has contained 5,000 servers from 60 countries.


  • Ample security-layers
  • Privacy protections
  • Double VPN
  • Connect on 6 devices at the same time
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies as payment


  • Slow speeds in some asian countries servers


PureVPN to stream Olympics

PureVPN is not a new thing in the cord-cutters community. Has been operating since 2006, it has attained top reputation as one of the older VPN providers. By the time we wrote this review, it already had 6,500 servers in around 140 countries in the world. Imagine how many opportunities to watch your favorite shows with the help of this VPN.


  • Zero data logs
  • It has split tunneling
  • Speedy connections for streaming HD quality


  • Some users reported the downtime


Stream Tokyo 2021 Via VPN

IPVanish is a US-based service. But for what it’s worth, it has such a great collection of servers across the globe. The speed performance is awesome so that you can watch the Tokyo Olympics without stuttering. It has hundreds of international servers that you can choose in seconds to make your device ready to show you the games.


  • Has tough security with 256-encryption
  • No logs policy
  • Comes with versatile protocols
  • Fast speed to stream up to 8K videos


  • US-based company, a problem for users who aren’t up for it


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