How to watch the Olympics 2021 on Apple TV (Guide)

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will take place this year (2021) between July 23 and August 8. Even though it is one of the big shows that you have been waiting for, you probably won’t be able to watch it, if you are outside the official broadcasting area. Of course, this fact makes disappointed and frustrated viewers who want to watch live Olympic live broadcasts online.

Olympics 2020 on Apple TV

But don’t give up too soon because there is a solution to this problem. You can use various media and online streaming applications to be able to watch Olympic 2020. One of the most widely used is Apple TV. Apple TV allows you to watch live broadcast channels, on-demand programming, and use several other additional features. And if you get Apple TV directly from your provider, you can easily access live content.

How to stream live from a provider channel through your Apple TV

Here is the step by step process to Watch Summer Olympics 2021 online with Apple TV, So without delay, let’s started!

Log in to Apple TV with your pay-TV or cable provider

A single sign-on system allows users to access applications using their provider, so they don’t need to log in to every channel application. The steps are very easy, first open Settings, select Account, and finally select TV Providers to enter. Remember, some providers may automatically sign you in to access their content if your Apple TV is connected to the Internet. Some providers also offer applications in the App Store with additional features such as on-demand and live broadcasts. You can access this application through your iPhone or iPad.

Set up Apple TV from your pay-TV or cable provider

If your Apple TV comes from a pay-TV or cable provider, then your Apple TV might automatically enter your provider. How to install Apple TV in your home is quite easy. First, you need to consider an internet connection. You need to connect Apple TV to your cable provider’s Internet service to be able to log in automatically. Check with the provider to make sure. If you cannot log in automatically, you will be asked to choose a provider and log in with your account. This method allows you to access your subscription content on Apple TV.

Log in to your Apple TV using your Apple ID.

If you don’t have an Apple account, you can directly create it via the Apple ID account page. If you forget your Apple ID, there are features provided to help you reset your ID.
After the settings are finished, you can search for your provider application on the home screen. You can also download applications from the App Store. Apart from that, you can also watch content from your provider through Apple TV.

To be able to stream Olympic 2021, you need to know which channels broadcast it. Fortunately, you can access NBC Sport which is the Olympic 2020 announcer through your Apple TV. If you subscribe, then you can enter and access all streams. And for users who don’t subscribe to cable can only watch 30 minutes on the first visit and then only 5 minutes per day after that. You can also use the new Channels application for iOS and Apple TV to pick live shows in your area and ask them to send them to your Apple TV.

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