The Banning of Olympics Overseas Fans has Affected Japan Tourism Hugely

The Banning of Olympics Overseas Fans has Affected Japan Tourism Hugely

The world of news has slated it as “evaporated”. Well, the decision to ban overseas fans from coming to the Tokyo Olympics venue has been a great deal for Japan Tourism.  

The Banning of Olympics Overseas Fans has Affected Japan Tourism Hugely

The overseas fans ban has hit most of the Japan tourism elements. For instance, both modern and traditional hotels have received huge impacts during the pandemic. It will be a more significant withdrawal for them when the banning of the fans is there.

On more occasions, we have seen solid proof that the Olympics have always boosted the local business. That includes the hotel, accommodation, food and beverage, and all of the elements of the tourism business.

A traditional hotel owner in Japan confirmed that she had spent around $180,000 to renovate her traditional Japanese hotel to expect the tourists who will attend the Tokyo Olympics event. But the government’s decided to ban the international fans would ruin her plan. She won’t be hosting a single Olympics overseas thanks to this condition.

Recently, the Olympics officials announced the banning of the attendees from abroad. It is for the sake of the safety of the Olympics officials, participants, and different layers of society in Tokyo. we are aware that the pandemic is not getting any better soon. Therefore, it is sensible that the authorities have taken this measure to minimize the risks of the increasing infected numbers.

But the impact has hit Japan’s tourism businesses. The travel and tourism business owners have been counting their losses because of the restrictions.

Meanwhile, experts stated that it is an important measurement because the loss of loosening the overseas fans to come will be much larger than the restrictions. Imagine how many things can happen brought by the pandemic. It is a huge setback for the tourism industry in Japan. But it is necessarily done to protect folks in Tokyo and entire Japan.

The experts are guessing that the banning will be effective up until September. However, it is not an absolution. We need to look ahead and switch the plans if things go south or not planned.

Many tourism business owners think that sales will be going up when the Tokyo Olympics happen. But now all of the sudden after the banning announcement, everything goes off. Now all the tourism businesses will need to switch their plans in order to survive and stay competitive. That includes the tourism businesses in Tokyo as well.

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