Katherine Diaz Hernandez Dies after being Hit by Lightning Strike

A 22-year-old surfer who hoped to qualify for the Olympics, Katherine Diaz Hernandez, dies after being hit by a lightning strike.

Katherine Diaz Hernandez Dies after being Hit by Lightning Strike

The national sporting officials confirmed the news back on Saturday. It was shocking for the sports fans since this case was too seldom to take place.

Katherine Diaz Hernandez was practicing nearby her house at Pacific coast beach of El Tunco. She was hit by lightning on Friday. It was a surprising situation where not all folks can be ready to hear. Some folks were outrageous wondering why her team didn’t protect her. Some were questioning about the safety measurements that she did when she practiced.

Hoping to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, she trained hard regularly to raise the bars of standards. She entered El Tunco water at the beach on the Pacific Coast. It was around 5 pm when the lightning hit her. Surrounding people rushed to help her to take her to the hospital. But she could not make it.

Salvadoran Sports Institute president of the government, Yamil Bukele, posted a message to send his condolences to the beloved family of the surfer. She has been training for a global tournament that will take place in El Salvador. This upcoming tournament comes as the qualifier for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021.

She hoped with her training, she would be able to improve her chances to the Summer Olympic Games qualification.

Besides rolling as a surfer, Diaz also worked as a chef and opened her own restaurant at El Tunco. The world of sport has been mourning this loss. Meanwhile, the surfing fans and International Surfing Association also paid the tribute to Diaz over the weekend.

They stated the tribute as “emotional” since Diaz is the real representation of the joy of surfing.

The Passing of Katherine Diaz has affected the world of surfing. It is heavy news for every fan who is following Diaz on Instagram. The Association also stated that it was heavy that the ISA learned about the passing of Diaz.

She had passed away at the age of 22, still very young with a lot of potential in her career.

Regardless of her young age, Katherine Diaz is not a new name in the world of surfing sport. She has international competition-level caliber. The country delegates her at the ISA World Surfing Games and ISA World Junior Surfing Championship.  

She has brought a great influence to the youngsters and kids to be motivated to be on the board. The Olympic surfing hopeful dead is a huge deal for many communities. We will miss her.

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