Tokyo Olympics Organizers Are Going to Ban Foreign Fans

The Japanese news media has reported the possible switch of regulations could happen sooner than later.

The Olympics are international events. Folks around the world have the tradition to root for their national team in the country where the Olympics are held. That includes the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021 that will take place in July 2021.

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Tokyo Organizers

We know that the 2020 event got off because of the pandemic. Apparently, the pandemic has not been over yet. That means it is also possible that the officials would make the changes again to keep the event going on. The Olympics are scheduled to kick off on July 23 but recent polls showed that both authorities and the public in Japan mostly want the Olympics canceled or postponed.

The recent polls show about 80% of the Japanese public voted for cancellation or postponing the upcoming event.

However, the officials of Olympics 2021 claimed that they would hold the event no matter what. But they will make changes to abide by the covid-19 protocols and restrictions.

For instance, Western Japanese Shimane prefecture government Tatsuya Maruyama is still in the process of discussing canceling the torch relay events in the particular prefecture area for the Tokyo Games. Maruyama was not convinced with the Covid-19 prevention measures in his area.

Tokyo organizers and the International Olympic Committee are making it official that most fans from abroad will not be attending the upcoming Olympics for good reasons.

As we know, the Tokyo Olympics will open in four months. Although it is not official yet, the organizers have strongly stated that they will make an official announcement sooner than later. These restrictions will be preventing the foreign fans from coming to Japan to root for their national teams.  

There are five parties who are discussing going to these changes. They include IOC, local organizers, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, International Paralympic Committee, and Japanese Government.

People are waiting for a clear decision about this so that they can make the best plan for the upcoming event attendance. These five parties stated that they can make the decision soon because time does matter a lot.

But there’s good news. They will decide it before the torch relay opens. All five parties will have to agree on the decision before the torch relay happens. So, for those who arrange the travels or have a plan to go to Tokyo will be able to decide whether to cancel or proceed their travel plan. But the final decision will be on the IOC hand in the end.

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