The Outrage after Disgraceful Remarks in Olympics Bubble

The Outrage Keeps Coming after the Disgraceful Remarks from Former Olympics 2021 Ceremonies Executive Director

The Tokyo Olympic senior executive director for the Opening Ceremony is about to quit after making a disgraceful remark. He suggested that the “Beyonce of Japan” or Naomi Watanabe dress as a pig during the opening ceremony.

Naomi Watanabe

Hiroshi Sasaki, the man behind the disgraceful remark had proposed his resignation after the news triggered a lot of communities.

According to the Newsagency as our trusted source, the 66-year-old professional wanted to add an “interesting” segment namely “Olympig”. While it might be fun for some folks out there, it is apparently not for most of the same folks. It is because featuring Naomi Watanabe will make her a target of a disgraceful gaffe.

When it comes to this, we could learn that raising her to be an Olympig can trigger a body-shaming case. When we bring that topic up in a country that is obsessed with slimness, that remark will make people outrageous. Even folks across the globe don’t vouch for any of the statements.

Meanwhile, Watanabe is pretty aware of this. She has raised her profile to raise the awareness of body shaming, encouraging people who see her movement to stay positive to appreciate their body and other people’s bodies.

When Sasaki suggested the “Olympig” to Watanabe, she directly refused.  In nature, it is an offensive remark, especially to the person who’s going to take the “hog costume”.

Perhaps, there are some of the things that you don’t know about this. Actually, the creative director Sasaki made the proposal a year ago. One way another, the proposal came to the public and triggered outrageous reactions from different layers of society.

Because of these outrageous reactions, Sasaki stated the public apology and decided to offer his resignation.

Sasaki quickly made a press conference to apologize. In a mag in Japan “Shukan Bunshun”, he stated that his remark was a very inappropriate expression. He apologized to her (Watanabe) and people who have felt discomfort with such remarks.

He added that he tended to joke often. So he said that it is just something that came out of his mouth.

The idea was  Watanabe wore a pink costume and sticking her tongue out as an “Olympig”.

Sasaki added that he felt remorse and apologized for his mistake.  

Sasaki has notified Tokyo 2020, President Seiko Hashimoto, that he will confirm his resignation.

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