Will People from Across the Globe Can Attend the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Venue?

We are still in the dark when it comes to the future of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Last year, the organizers cancelled the 2020 Olympics because of the breakout. And now with the pandemic is not over yet, there have been speculations about the future of this huge event.

There will be dilemmas in many parties because it will open the contagion’s risks when letting foreign fans come to Tokyo. Meanwhile, banning foreign fans from coming can also be a hefty loss for the organizers.

We are still in the dark when it comes to the future of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Last year, the organizers cancelled it due to pandemic.

After a delay of a year, cancelling the event will be a great loss for the nation. There’s a possibility of banning the foreign fans from attending Olympic and Paralympic events. The events will take place on July 23, four months away from now.

The head of the Organizing committee Seiko Hashimoto also confirmed the possibility of banning the foreign fans. He stated that if the situation was too tough, having foreign fans would be something concerning. Therefore, it could be pretty risky to invite folks from out of the country.

For those who haven’t known, delaying the Tokyo 2020 Olympics alone has cost Olympic Organizers around $2.8 billion. It is indeed not a small number to consider. This also marked the over-budget recorded in the history of sports events in Japan.

Well, imagine the numbers taken from the ticket sales burning and tourism packages. A lot of travel agencies are losing enormous amounts of money because most of their guests cancelled their tour package due to covid-19 breakout.

It will indeed affect what will be going on in the Olympics 2021 in the future. The situation can make it harder when there’s an increasing number of covid cases in Tokyo. According to economics experts, Japan can lose $22 billion in total if the attendees from other countries are banned by the organizers.

If we work around the other scenarios, the best one could be halving the spectators who attend the venue. However, it will still make Japan lose $13 billion in total. This will affect the reductions in spending from both the consumers and corporates who are participating in the event.

But when the organizers decide to flex the number of the attendees, they can minimize the loss.

The extra costs are mostly due to the extended employment of the organizers and staff in total. Not to mention the Covid-19 safety measures also add another challenge in costing.

We know that folks who enter Japan need to run temperature checks, swap tests, sanitizing, and other measurements. This costs a lot.

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