Creative Head of Tokyo Olympic Games Hiroshi Sasaki Quits after “Olympig” Controversy

Public was outraged by the behavior of Hiroshi Sasaki, the creative head of Tokyo Olympic Games after his trash talk to Naomi Watanabe, calling her as “Olympig”. 

This remark is unforgivable to many people. It has hit all of the concerned parties in the olympic, emphasizing the sensitive degenerating remarks towards women. 

Hiroshi Sasaki, the creative head of Tokyo Olympic Games withdrew after his trash talk to Naomi Watanabe, calling her as “Olympig”.

As we know, humans can make mistakes, so is Hiroshi Sasaki. He himself admitted that it was a very inappropriate expression. This message is a group chat. 

Because of his saying, he apologized for that bad expression. The creative head decided to step down last month.

For those who haven’t known, Hiroshi Sasaki is the head creative director for the opening and closing ceremonies at the upcoming Olympics 2021. He had planned to make Naomi Watanabe as “Olympig”. Olympig is one of the characters for the Olympics 2021. 

Mr Sasaki, whether he has an ill intention or not, has raised such public outrage because of his expression. Therefore, as he responds to them, he made a bold statement this day. Mr Sasaki said that there was a very inappropriate expression in his remarks. Mr Sasaki apologized to her and people who felt discomfort through his controversial remarks. 

Naomi Watanabe is a popular comedian, content creator, and fashion designer in Japan. She raised peak popularity after lip syncing Beyonce’s DreamGirls on a popular variety show in Japan. She is also a popular instagram influencer with over nine million followers. 

Mr Sasaki said that he informed president Seiko Hashimoto on Wednesday that he would step down from the position after seeing the response of his remarks about Naomi Watanabe. 

Mr Sasaki’s resignation took place not for a long time after the mass media reported his remarks on Wednesday. The weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun reported Mr Sasaki remarks back then, triggering mixed reactions from many people. 

Mr Sasaki attained the helmet of creative team back then in December 2021 as the creative head of organizer whose mission is to bring Olympic back to the equation during the pandemic. 

The upcoming Olympics will take place from July 23 to August 8. 

The offensive “Olympig” idea is a bold and controversial one. It hits the nerves of many women in the country. Though, male participants have also been upset with such a statement. Since we are just four months away, it will of course tarnish the sportive motives of the Olympics. 

With the withdrawal of Mr Sasaki from his current position, we just hope that the Olympics will go on without such drama. 

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