How Japan Olympics will Strive during the Pandemic

We have seen that Chinese government claims to have the most effective vaccines that all folks across the globe can use. With the vaccine distribution plan to Japan, it raises some questions about the possibility of inviting attendees to the Olympics venue. 

The IOC has offered Japan organizers to supply the Chinese vaccines to Olympic athletes. But there are no significant responses yet from the Japan organizers. 

The rest of the world who is up to the upcoming Olympic reacts to the International Olympic Committee decision to provide Chinese made vaccines to athletes, officials, 

and other participants in the upcoming Olympics. 

The IOC has offered Japan organizers to supply the Chinese vaccines to Olympic athletes. But there are no responses yet from organizers.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee had announced to consider to conduct the Olympics without the attendees from outside. The vaccinations are suppose to the requirements on the event. 

But then, it also makes the Olympics organizers confused because Tokyo Olympics organizers claimed that Japanese government is the one who conducts the vaccination program. 

Tokyo Olympics CEO Muto Toshiro explained that he was not in a position to comment with the sudden IOC announcement. 

Meanwhile, the IOC sudden announcement seems to be responsible since the IOC President Thomas Bach confirmed that the chinese-made vaccines for Olympics will be under their supervision. But that’s not it. They will also take care of the cost of the vaccines. 

For the particular summer Olympics, IOC has been collaborating with the Chinese Olympic Committee to add more vaccines. 

In this case, the International partners will be taking care of the vaccines distribution. The IOC CEO stated that he was grateful because of the help from Chinese Olympic Committee. If all of the parties agree to work with it, it will ensure the safety in the Olympics, and might save Japan Olympics for good. 

Up until now, there are still speculations about the situation of the olympics. People are worrying if the Olympics might not happen this time. Either it is postponing or canceling the olympics, everything can happen if there’s any dramatic changes in all parties. 

We can’t neglect the fact that there have been increasing cases of Covid-19 in Tokyo in the last week. The government had decided to extend the state of emergency until March 21. it is possible that the government authority would add another two weeks if the situations do not get any better. 

However, the officials will keep informing. 

All in all, we must be aware that it is a risky business. Imagine the risks that come with 12,000 athletes from 200 countries. Let’s hope for the best. There could be better four months from now.

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