Will Coronavirus Cancel Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Will it happen or not? Many people have been raving about this question because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Cancel Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Public don’t know whether it will be the cancellation or postponement of the mega event. The greatest sporting event in the world is too big to be missed by anyone. The 2020 Olympics is supposedly taking place from 24 July to 9 August.

We have actually seen tons of signs. Japan officials confirmed that the volunteer training was not happening because of the postponement. Then, there were also restrictions on travelers who want to come to Japan for any reason. The restrictions also happened to the elite runners who are participating.

The coronavirus has brought such massive impacts for the organizers of sports. Not to mention that we witnessed the suspension of the J-League matches and other sports events.

Meanwhile Asia Sevens rugby tournament was also postponed because of the outbreak. Tokyo 2020 organizers will need to scale back and determine the things they do for handling this matter.

The IOC president Thomas Bach stated that the IOS could not back down because of the outbreak. They will do their best to make the Tokyo 2020 happens. However, their confidence doesn’t justify the real status of the upcoming Olympic. There is still a possibility that the officials forcefully postpone or make the delay. Of course, it is for the sake of the safety of all folks.

The IOC president also denied having a Plan B. Instead, he and his team are fully committed to this event.

If you’re anticipating the upcoming Olympics 2020, you might have sort of question “Why no plan B”.

The IOC is confident that this event will draw attractions for the sports fans, stakeholders, and athletes. Well, it is a sensible decision because most of the travelers have made their reservations for the accommodation, airplane tickets, venues, and so on.

Although the IOC does not explicitly suggest plan B, we must be confident that they do have a backup plan. The organizers should commit to make the event happen without any hassle or fuss. The obstacles can range from terrorism, war, natural disasters, and many others. So, there is no way that responsible organizers won’t procure the backup plan at all.

Although many people considered this as a reckless decision, some optimistic folks do not think that way. Bach won’t give the impression that makes the public panicking. Instead, he will motivate folks to hold hands together to fight the virus and make the 2020 Olympics happen.

So, what do you think? Will we see the 2020 Olympics this year? Or won’t we?

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