The Volunteer Training Postponed Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

The sad news coming from the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The organizers have decided to postpone the volunteer training due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

volunteer training postponed for coronavirus

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers postponed the volunteers army because of the coronavirus outbreak. However, it is important to know that it is not indicating that the Games were cancelled. Tokyo 2020 organizers stated that the action was taken to prevent the spread of the infection of the coronavirus. Therefore, they have made the important decision to postpone the training.

However, the organizers do not intend to cancel their contribution. Instead, they will inform the volunteers about the information of rescheduled dates and make the party rest assured that this would not have a significant impact on the upcoming Olympics events which will happen on the 24th of July this year.

Meanwhile, the organizers will assess the possibilities of the games in the Olympics on a case by case basis. They also added that they will be using such preventative measurements to prevent the outbreak from affecting all of the parties involved in the Olympic games. There is no question of cancelling the Tokyo 2020 despite the fear spread over the coronavirus news. It seems that the true fans of the Olympics do not want this situation to turn around the table.

From the moment of the coronavirus outbreak, there have been around 100 coronavirus cases in Japan with three deaths in total. Also, there are more than 600 positive cases located in the cruise ship in Yokohama.

The Tokyo 2020 officials have been pretty strict about the types of events happening in Japan. The Tokyo Government Yuriko Koike announced that she would postpone or cancel the events involving foods in the Tokyo. That means the food caterers activities will be stopped for a moment until there’s good news from the health institutions in Japan.

Many parties have spotted this situation from around the world. Shaun Bailey, a candidate in Londo’s mayoral election has stepped forward to offer as the new host to replace the Tokyo 2020 if needed. However, Koike emphasized that there was no need to conclude at that point because the situation is not reaching that stage yet. However, one can expect that there could be any change in the game schedules. If you are planning to go to Tokyo, you will want to make sure that your schedules are on the right path. Keep updating yourself with the most recent useful information to prevent missing from happening.

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