The New Line of Barbie Dolls Dedicated for 2020 Summer Olympic Games

Kids who have been following the Olympic news are one of those who have the similar dreams in the sport world. the new line of Barbie dolls, themed around the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, is released on March 2020. for the Barbie dolls loves or the shoppers for the gifts, it is indeed good news since the event of Summer Olympic Games is fast approaching.

New Barbie Dolls Dedicated for 2020 Summer Olympic Games

In this case, the new line of Barbie dolls is coming to the market from Mattel. The manufacturer of the barbie dolls has confirmed that the series of the barbie dolls will come out to the market later on March. However, there is no confirmation yet which date is chosen by the manufacturers to release all of the dolls to the market.

But based on the infomration we attained from the insiders, the new line of barbie dolls will be based on chosen sports disciplines such as softball, skateboarding, sport climbing, karate, as well as surfing.

Each barbie doll in this series come out with the prevalent accessories that really emphasize their specialties. For instance, the skateboarder barbie doll will come with the pink helmet, the board, as well as wrist and knee guards for safety. And all of these accessories are already included in the package. So, for parents, you can give your special girl such wonderful gift without having to look for the accessories separately. Also, I recommend you to check on the Olympic Surfer Barbie Doll which wears the wetsuit and come with the surfboard.

The dolls are also coming with the exclusive jackets specifically designed for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. these dolls come with the gold plastic medals on a ribbon. The customizable freedom allows the kids to play with their imagination and let their dolls to be the best in the sport category. They can also use the medals to celebrate their dolls accomplishment. It is also a great way to build a great world for your kids. While their parents are busy following the trends of the summer Olympic, the kids are preoccupied with their new toys.

The other sports celebrated in the new line of the barbie dolls are the karate, surfing, sport climbing, as well as skateboarding. Keep in mind that these sports will make their debut in the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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The brand of Barbie will also partner with the popular Olympic athletes like skateboarder Lizzie Armanto and rock climber Kyra Condie in March. The event name is Barbie You Can Be Anything Festival. The keynote speakers will talk to the audiences. The organizers will hold the workshops where all the participants can get inspired to achieve their personal goals.

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