Tokyo 2020 Olympics Torch Relay – You Need to Know

One of the most pivotal moments in the Olympics that you shouldn’t miss is the Torch Relay. While folks have been raving about the cancellation or postponement of the event because of the outbreak, the discussion of torch relay has been taking place.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Torch Relay

2020 Summer Olympics Torch Relay

Start date: 2020
Countries visited: Greece, Japan
Host city: Tokyo, Japan
Theme: Hope Lights Our Way
Distance: 20,000 kilometres (12,000 mi)

The Olympics organizers would outline the torch relay countermeasures as well. The IOC -International Olympic Committee speaks about the plan to conduct the torch relay which will start from March 26. The current coronavirus outbreak indeed affects the situations of the event.

The measures and precautions of the torch relays have been important discussions amongst the IOC executive board and organizers in general because it will be the first moment to signify the Olympic event.

The summer’s Olympics will involve many people. Therefore, it is their responsibility to make sure that everything goes as planned. Tokyo Olympics CEO Toshiro Muto said that he wanted to carry out the torch relay by taking necessary measures after the tough discussion with the local governments. Of course, things have never been easier.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors about the cancellation or postponement of the event. But the IOC President Thomas Bach stated to the public that the organizers will conduct the event as planned. So, there is nothing to worry about. The organizers said that the perfectual authorities will also work together with them to analogize the procedures so that they can follow them for troubleshooting each situation because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the organizers suggest the spectators and athletes not to participate if they are feeling unwell. In order to protect all parties from the coronavirus, they will require the involved parties to wash their hands and mind about the sanitation.

The participants will conduct the cleaning well to prevent the coronavirus and protect themselves. All the participants and staffs will have their temperatures and health

Condition monitored. The people in charge will run some tests and check them.

The other crucial parties involved with this cause are prefectural officials and sponsors. The organizers have confirmed that there will be restrictions placed on attending the ceremonies. While the spectators are also exercising self-restraint and sanitation.

If all parties can work together on this, the upcoming Olympics will be awesome.

Japanese government informed folks that they are considering cancelling or postpone the event because of the coronavirus. Because professional athletes are also exposed to coronavirus possibilities, careful precautions are taken well by the government, organizers, and involved parties for the event.

If you’re planning to go there, make sure to hear and practice what the health experts advise. Consider checking your country’s travel limitations as well.

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