2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Everything You Need to Know

2021 Olympics is few months away. But it has never been too early to discuss the upcoming event opening ceremony as it is one of the most pivotal aspects in the event entirely. Here are everything you need to know about the 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The when and the where

The 2020 Olympics will officially start with the opening ceremony that happens on July 24th. However, you can watch the actions from the preliminary softball and soccer matches that will take place on July 22. The event will happen in Japan, specifically across nine prefectures, which is the majority taking place in the areas of Tokyo. So, it is not surprising that Tokyo is going to be crowded in the future. So, make sure you book your flights and hotels, or travel packages right now to reserve your opportunities to watch the Olympic at the venue.

The new sports

This year’s Olympics will be different from the previous editions. The officials have confirmed that there will be five new sports to be joining with amongst the disciplines. These sports are skateboards, sports climbing, surfing, baseball, softball, as well as Karate. For your information, baseball, softball and karate are coming from Japan. Then there are also sports which are balanced by the officials these sports are canoeing, kayaking, boxing, as well as fencing.

The Tickets

Nowadays, more tickets are available for purchase for those who are living outside Japan, including the US, Australia, Europe, as well as Middle East countries. In less than half a year, we are going to see the most spectacular sports event on earth. And for those who plan to attend the venue to root for their country team, make sure to book your seats now since the tickets have been running on sold so quickly.

The lottery system is not available since it was closed a few months ago. But if you are an overseas audience, you could focus your search toward the authorized Ticket Resellers.

For instance, you could pick your tickets from CoSport if you are purchasing in the US. The available tickets have been available since January 16. You will also get the chance to purchase tickets from the authorized resellers as well. The prices might be different from one provider to another. You will want to compare what they offer first then proceed with the tickets with a sensible budget.

The tickets might get capped from their original prices as the event is getting near. Therefore, there is no reason to postpone your purchase anymore before the prices keep increasing.

Attendees are not allowed to post photos and videos over their social media?

There have been arguments about what we should do as the attendees of the venues in Japan. The organizers clearly stated that sharing the photos or videos events for commercial purposes are violating the rules. So, if you post the photos of the Olympic events to your social media, as long as you don’t do it for commercial purposes, you should be safe. The committee will claim copyright over photos taken by the ticket holders. But it will not prevent the internet users to upload photos to their social media.

The time of opening ceremony

Keep in mind that the opening ceremony time is based on the Japan Standard Time or JST.

It will happen on Friday, 24 July. The Opening Ceremony will start from 20:00 and finish at 23:00. The venue of this opening ceremony and closing ceremony is at New National Stadium (multi-purpose stadium in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan).

What the opening ceremony on TV

If you happen to be in your couch when the event comes, you could just tune in your TV and follow the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2020 right from your spot.

You could tune in the NBC channel. NBC representative has confirmed that they will dedicate their channel to broadcast the entire event of the Opening Ceremony as well as the Olympics games 24/7. From its official site, you will be able to stream online if you want to.

However, when you tune in the NBC channel, you will want to make sure that you have converted your time. Tokyo is sixteen hours ahead of the West Coast. Google and you can easily find the time zone converter. Tuning into your favorite channel at the right time will ensure you watch the event without missing a single important moment.

The 2020 Olympics will be big. There will be a lot of fantastic moments that you will regret to miss. So, reserve your option now to Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony Live from the opening ceremony to the end.


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