How to Get Tokyo Olympics 2020 Tickets (Guide)

If you have been looking for the way to get the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Tickets, you have come to the right page. The Tokyo Olympic tickets will be available via the online site. Also, Japan-related travel agencies and companies will be involved in the process of the ticketing. They work together with the Olympic Committee in your country at the ticketing boxes. Besides, the tickets will also be available at the vending machines at convenience stores.

Olympics 2020 Tickets
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The ticket prices are variable depending on the seating plan and the event. According to the officials, the ticket for the Opening of Olympic 2020 will range from US$220 to US$1330. Meanwhile, the average ticket prices will range from $60. It won’t be difficult for folks who are living or staying in Japan to get the tickets since you can find it in almost any ticket vending machine in Tokyo.

For those who are living outside Japan, you must stick to the official way. The best way to purchase the tickets is by accessing the official site online. The official Japan-related travel agencies like JTB will be your best option. You can rely on them to manage the travel packages for you so that you don’t have to be bothered with the traveling complexes anymore.

As you know, there has not been the announcements of the ticketing, at least not yet. But we will update this page as soon as possible when the information has come to our portal.

If you are doing the travel by yourself, you will need to research the best places to stay, drink and eat and other essential things to minimize the risks of your travel. Tokyo is huge. You will want to know to explore all the words.

The best chance for you is to open the Tokyo map through your Google Map application. The good thing here is that Google has updated the Tokyo map to the most recent version. You will find the places that you need to visit easily with the help of the G Map. If you are using the G Map on your smartphone, you will need to open the map and search for the name of the place. Then zoom in the location in the map.

Consider preparing all of the essentials so that you will be more prepared to go to Tokyo. Although it is still a year away, you will want to check the airline ticket and Tokyo accommodation availability on the specific dates you wish to attend the event. Check the pricing on trustworthy travel sites. You could reserve the room when you notice the low pricing. You need to book your room before the price goes up. Or, you could reserve without upfront payment and pay when you check out. Some Tokyo hotels also offer free cancellations that you can use if there is any other scenario in your travel.

For communication, you could use your smartphone with 3G or 4G technology. Keep in mind that 2G is not viable anymore in Japan communication. You could purchase the Japan SIM Card online with the look for collection on arrival at Tokyo airports. There are two airports that you might arrive: Tokyo Narita or Haneda airports. Consider purchasing the SIM card which offers unlimited data, in case you need an internet connection to access some apps.

For the airline ticket, you will want to compare the airline flight prices and schedules for the best. Often, some Japan airlines offer incredible flight deals that are not coming so routine. So, you will want to check their official page every time you can. If you are lucky, you can get amazing deals and save more money.

If you plan to visit other cities as well, you could save more money by having the Japan Rail Pass. It can be worth it if you want to explore Japan while waiting for the event to take place. To make your cashless movement much more comfortable, it is a great idea to purchase the prepaid Suica card. It can make you traveling much easier around Tokyo.

Speaking of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic tickets, they will go on sale in April. So, you will want to get your tickets fast before they are running out. The officials claimed that the tickets would likely to be available in late April.

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