Tokyo Olympics 2021 – Attendees Can Clap But No Cheer

While the officials have banned foreign fans from coming to the venue of the Tokyo Olympics 2021, the locals can have the opportunity to root for their national team right at the venue. The organizers limit the number of attendees there to curb the risks of the covid-19 infections.

While the officials have banned foreign fans from coming to the venue of the Tokyo Olympics 2021, locals have better chance.

The organizers have great plans and prepare to isolate the infected participants.

Of course, the physical distancing will be viable at the venue. If you attend the venue when the games happen, you can clap to support your sportsmen. However, you are not allowed to cheer. There will be no high-fives either.

Mask is a must-have when entering the venue. For the attendances, you will need to be compliant with the strict rules issued by the officials.

All of the parties (audiences, sportsmen, organizers, staff) will need to wear their masks all the time except when competing, training, eating and sleeping.

Most of the places are forbidden to visit such as bars, restaurants, shops, and so on. There will be around 11,000 athletes, coaches, as well as other participating parties who are following the strict protocols issued by the government.

The new restrictions in Japan are there to protect all of the Japanese citizens and the participating parties. These restrictions also dictate the organizers to host large sport events safely.

The timing of the sporting event during the pandemic can even be worse. We have known that the third wave has just recently finished. But the fourth wave is ready to strike.

According to the report, it is now increasing 3000 cases a day. In Osaka alone, there are 1000 new cases.  

These waves enforced the government to cancel the Olympic torch relay for the sake of the safety of the citizens. Imagine if the torch relay happens. Running on the public streets won’t be a good idea since it can peak the number of infection cases.

The Executive director of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, Maki Kobayashi stated that if they could prepare correctly, they could minimize the risks and enjoy the Tokyo Olympics in a brand new way. This will only happen if all of the organizers, stakeholders, and participants work together. Folks who are on the same page will make the Tokyo Olympics 2021 easier to bring out.

The participants, teams, and officials who come to Tokyo from overseas will have to start their travel 14 days before they leave for Japan. 

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