Why Doesn’t the Pandemic Stop the Olympics?

Back in 2020, the officials made a hard decision by canceling the Olympics 2020. but then, the next Olympics is indeed more amazing for the fans.

The officials have confirmed that they won’t cancel the Olympics. So, it is official! We will see all of the actions in the Olympics venue for the first time.

Coronavirus Pandemic Stop the Olympics
Back in 2020, the officials made a hard decision by cancelling the Olympics 2020. The next Olympics is indeed more amazing for the fans.

The pandemic has hit Japan ‘s economy. It hit many sectors including sports, travel, tourism, and so on.

The organizers have now pressed ahead with the plans for the Tokyo Olympics.

The upcoming event itself does not go smoother than its predecessors. Well, we can see it for ourselves. The stories that have been around for a while.

Every aspect has its own challenges and the upcoming Tokyo Olympics seems to have a lot of problems to start with.

Many issues from different industries have challenged the Games not to happen. The organizers decided to ban the international attendees. If you are out of Japan, you cannot enter the country to root for your favorite team.

It is also because many experts have stated their concern about the risks of increasing spread. We also call it a superspreader event.

There are around 60,000 people who will be doing their activities in the venue. The national teams and sports doers will arrive at Tokyo with the risks of getting infected as well.

 Besides the health risks, there is also financial risk if the officials pressed the Olympics. As we know, the cancelation of the 2020 event is because of the outbreak.  Because of this alone, the budget that the officials need to provide is whopping to $15 billion. There is an additional #3 billion for their operations.

Besides, public are still outrageous because of the creative director bad remarks “Olympig”

The opening ceremony takes place on July 23. It is still a few months away from the moment of truth. Japan’s government is still working on the demands from the citizens.

In an official poll held lately, around 80% of people agreed that the organizers must postpone or cancel the event once again. That means if it happens, we have two absent strikes of the cancelled events.

The Japan leader also commits to the upcoming Olympics success. There is a phrase revolving around right now “to build a legacy for the future society”.

I guess that phrase is really accurate. You know, besides money, Japan organizers also bring up national pride.The International Olympic Committee also loses a lot. If the event is cancelled, there will be hassles and messes.

If you’re an avid fans of Olympics, what do you think about the OLympics decision?

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