Many Have Stated that Olympic Boycott Should be No More

There has been a lot of speculation about the boycott of the Beijing Olympics that will happen in a few months from now. Perhaps the boycott stuff takes place because of the miscommunication.

That can be a dilemma for many Olympians across the globe. On one side, the calls for the boycott might have a good intention. But if the Beijing Olympics do not happen, that will cut the opportunities for the talents out there to compete and represent their beloved country.

There has been a lot of speculation about the boycott of the Beijing Olympics that will happen in a few months from now

Hearing the calls for the movement, has set the alarm for many athletes who have been doing their best to prepare for the upcoming games, including the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

At least in the US administration, there is no exact sign of the support of the boycott movement. The games should take place 10 months from now. But it is important to see the reactions from the participants and concerned parties about the possible outcomes. The US department suggested that the boycott is among the possibilities to be added to their agenda.

But a day later, the officials diminished the possibility and took the neutral grounds where they would root for the Olympics but not to boycott the upcoming Beijing Olympics from the equation.

For most folks who are rooting for the Olympics, a boycott is absolutely a burner.

Edwin Moses also opinionated the same thing. He said that the boycott was an absolute tragedy.

It is true that these athletes only have one chance every four years. And the Beijing Olympics are off. What’s going to happen to them?

Back then, the sports fans couldn’t even watch the Moscow Olympics because the TVs didn’t broadcast the particular event. Perhaps one of you was the victim of the boycott.

But boycotts rarely happened in three decades now. We noticed the mini-boycott that took place in 1988 involving North Korea and Cuba to skip the games in Seoul.

The Olympics only happen once in four years. That means the athletes will have to notice their ages too. Some athletes, won’t get a second chance. And if the boycott was successful and canceled the event, there will be hundreds of athletes who have trained for nothing.

When one has the chance to win the gold and bring their respective country’s name with pride, why should we root for the boycott to diminish their chance to achieve something in their life?

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