Tokyo Olympics without Foreign Attendees

The Tokyo Olympics are approaching. And if you are one of the folks who have been waiting for the upcoming prestigious sports event, you must be ready with the changes. 

While the Olympics event is known as the melting pot event that draws a lot of attendees from across the globe, it is no more.

Back in 2019, folks managed to get tickets to the Olympics and they attended the venue. The foreign fans could root for their favorite sports teams right at the place of the event. But since 2020 when the pandemic broke out, it is no longer anymore. The government restricted the travels in order to oblige to the covid-19 protocols. Most of the sports events were canceled. 

People wanted to come all the way to Japan. But they need to ask for a refund right now because the officials have confirmed that the upcoming event will ban all the foreign fans from coming to Tokyo.

Tokyo Olympics will definitely be different than the predecessors of the event. While the Olympics event is known as the melting pot event that draws a lot of attendees from across the globe, that image is no longer relevant. 

The Olympics organizers have banned foreign tourists because of the covid-19 pandemic. However, the local residents will still be able to attend the venue. Only a few people will get lucky to have a chance to follow the event at the venue. It is because the protocols limit the number of attendees in the sports venue. 

Uncle Olympics, Naotoshi Yamada, has died in 2019. He has attended the Summer Olympics since 1964. It is the right gesture to root for the Japanese teams in competing in the Olympics. Ishikawa, the face of Japan also met Yamada at the baseball Game in Barcelona. 

According to experts, the Olympics event is a way for kids and teenagers to embrace and respect diversity. We know that the melting pot effects have been very significant to the world. Besides competing with each other, each country can have the opportunity to make friends with the others. 

Certainly, all the participants won’t have the same chance this year either. Covid has not been over yet. And we still need more time to handle the spread of the virus. The authority in Japan also confirmed that the distribution of the vaccines is one of the reasons why they won’t want to take the risk to open the gate for the foreign fans to come. 

Around the world, the travel restrictions are there. If you’re living outside Japan, you know exactly what will be going on if you are forced to come to Japan. 

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