The First Positive Covid-19 Case in Olympic Village Confirmed

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have confirmed the first positive case that took place in the Olympic Village. The first case was not happening to athletes. Rather, it was one of the delegates who was accommodated in the particular facility.

It marked the first positive case confirmed in the teams in the Village complex. The surprising news came up to the surface less than a week before the Olympics event took place.

The officials of the Olympics were gathering accurate information regarding the contacts of the infected person. Toshiro Muto as the executive director confirmed the news with the public.

Although the percentage of the infected in the Village is still low, the organizers have taken this matter very seriously. They are doing their best to take the right measurements against the Covid-19.

 Positive Covid-19 Case in Olympic Village

The athletes must undergo the tests on a regular basis to make sure that the environment is safe for all athletes and the delegations of each country that is participating in the event.

The Tokyo Olympics executive director is also adding that they will proceed to take the next measurements to make everybody safe and secure in the Olympic Village.

In this month alone, there are 44 people linked to the Games who have the positive test results of the covid-19. But for the Olympic Village, it is the first case to be recorded in the Olympics situation.

The first positive among international athletes found in Japan was a Ugandan Olympic team coach on June 19, followed by another positive from one of the athletes presently living in Izumisano municipality in the country’s west.

The positive COVID-19 case at the Olympic Village may add to Japanese residents’ concerns about the security of the Games, fueling additional protests against the cancellation of the Games this year.

Athletes’ village finds Covid cases, increasing infection worries amongst the fans and the concerned parties.

Organisers in Japan acknowledge a foreign visitor participating in the Games has tested positive.

Toshiro Muto stated that he would not reveal the identity and nationality of the infected person for the sake of the privacy

Organizers had made the difficult decision to postpone the event due to a global pandemic. As a result, the event will go on without physical interactions with the spectators. Foreigners are banned from coming to Tokyo. All of the Olympics activities will be under strict quarantine rules to curb the risks of the covid-19 further infections.

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