The Dilemmas in the Pandemic – Delayed Games TOKYO 2020

Organizers of the pandemic-delayed games revealed on Saturday that two additional prefectures outside Tokyo had banned spectators from attending Olympic events due to growing coronavirus infections.

Earlier this week, Tokyo organizers and the IOC banned all supporters from Tokyo and three other prefectures. They dominate Olympic venues, while certain peripheral regions were initially allowed to have restricted attendance.

Foreign fans were prohibited months ago.

Two prefectures that were allowed to have supporters have since withdrawn.

TOKYO 2020

The baseball and softball games in Fukushima prefecture will be held without spectators. Hokkaido, in the north, will host soccer games sans crowds in the Sapporo Dome.

Outside the five-star hotel where IOC President Thomas Bach is self-isolating after arriving in Tokyo on Thursday, some 40 people held a tiny anti-Olympic protest on Saturday.

Protesters held signs that said “Cancel the Tokyo Olympics” and “You Are Not Welcome” with a red line across Bach’s face. It is solid proof that not everyone is happy with the authorities’ decision to allow the Olympics to take place in their country.

The infection cases in the Tokyo Village also adds another reason for some groups to protest against the Olympics officials.

Thomas Bach as an IOC president has confirmed to welcome attendees in Japan to view the spectacle despite the covid-19 pandemic that is not over yet. He has pushed the Japanese public to welcome the Olympics.

Although there was a positive covid situation in the village of athletes, Thomas Bach claimed that the event will be safe and secure for everybody.

There are a lot of protests against the authority’s decisions. But the show must go on. Despite the dozens of problems, Bach proceeded to slate the upcoming event as a safe one. There are more than 15,000 people arriving for the upcoming Olympics. 15 of them are tested positive. If we look at the number, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Obviously, the officials assure the attendees that the place is safe and secure for good reason. It will become the most restrictive event in the world. So, expect the restrictive covid-19 protocols to prevent widespread infections in the country.

At the IOC press conference, Bach said that the rate of the positive tests for covid-19 was just 0.1%. all people who arrive in Tokyo will stay in the bubble to prevent the spread of infections.

There were five athletes who tested positive for the virus since arriving in Japan for the Olympic Games. However, it won’t stop the Olympics from happening. I guess you are just like fellow sports fans. We deserve to give support to our national sports team.

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