How to Watch Olympics 2021 in Thailand: Live Stream, Time & TV Channel

Although you are enjoying your holiday in Thailand, or having an important business there, you don’t want to miss the Olympics 2021. or perhaps, you have been settling in Thailand and want to know if you have any option to watch the Olympics 2021 in Thailand.

Here we are going to give you free information about how to watch the Olympics 2021 live stream in Thailand. Without further ado, check out our points below.

Which TV will cover the Olympics in Thailand?

There are various channels which have the broadcasting rights for the Olympics. If you are in Thailand, you can tune to one of these channels: AIS, GMM25, Plan B, JKN18, PPTV, TPT, and True4U.

There are six channels in total that will conduct the coverage. The good news is that you can choose one of them for plenty of games coverage. You just need to check the schedules back and forth so that you won’t be missing particular games you want to watch.

How to watch Tokyo Olympics live stream Online in Thailand? | ถ่ายทอดสดการแข่งขันกีฬาโอลิมปิก

There are five channels available for live streaming in Thailand: NBT, ThaiPBS, New18, True4U, GMM TV and PPTV HD. You can also live stream them on mobile platforms. If you are on the go with your smartphone or tablet, don’t hesitate to use them. If you want to watch Olympics 2021 live stream free. Follow this free watching Guide

Thailand at Olympics 2021

Thailand at the 2020 Summer Olympics

Thailand is one competitor in the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The officials announced to postpone the event back then because of the pandemic.

So, we’ve got a new schedule then. The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place from 23 July to 8 August 2021. Thai athletes have been participating in the Olympics since 1952.

Thailand will participate and do their best to get as many medals as they can. They come with 35 athletes qualifying for the upcoming games in various disciplines. There are 15 men and 20 women athletes with a total of 12 sports they are participating in.

The Tokyo Olympics do not welcome foreign visitors for the event. So, it is not possible to travel from Thailand to Tokyo to attend the venues. The live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics in Thailand is plenty.

Thai Competitors at Tokyo Olympics

Table tennis022

Time Difference Between the Thailand and Japan

Tokyo, Japan is 2 hours ahead of Thailand. The time difference is not so big so that you can follow the events without having to experience sleep deprivation. However, consider paying attention to the schedule. Make sure that the schedule is in your local time.

Olympics opening ceremony 2021 start time in Thailand is 23 July, Friday, 6:00 PM (Bangkok)

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