Is Tokyo Ready for the Upcoming Summer Olympics Event?

The city is in tip-top shape to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics, but does the town have all it needs to host the games?

Truth is coming out to see how things are going before the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, so let’s have a look …

As the Delta variation grows increasingly frequent, week-over-week rises in the number of COVID-19 cases in the Japanese capital occur every day for the 27th consecutive day.

Tokyo Ready for the olympics events

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike remarked at a press conference that the growth has been rapid, as reported by Japanese media.

For delays induced by logistical bottlenecks at airports, five- and six-hour backlogs have been seen. Due to the headache, the government has asked airlines to cancel all new reservations to relieve the pressure. Two thousand may have arrived countrywide as the maximum for non-Olympic travelers, Japanese media has reported.

To this end, when the government tells bars to close, requires eateries to limit the hours they’re open, and encourages people to stay off the job or at home, the approval rating for the government’s cabinet dropped to 28 percent (with a 63 percent disapproval rating).

Merchants will have to continue to rely on more government help to account for future limitations on firearm sales, which will last for at least another year, according to Patrick Kinch, an analyst with London-based data and analytics firm GlobalData.

Tokyo’s organizing committee might lose up to $800 million due to the absence of fans at events. The firms operating alongside primary enterprises will miss out on $billions more.

Therefore, that’s not ideal. The Japanese people know about it.

Slightly more than half of Tokyo residents thought that the Olympics should be called off, according to the Japan News. According to an Ipsos survey, public opposition has risen to 78 percent. Seventy-three percent of those polled in Tokyo believed that the current state of emergency would be ineffective since local businesses have been obliterated, making it easier for the event to continue.

“Lockdown weariness” is something that may exist, but many people aren’t aware of.

A significant number of workplace illnesses make telecommuting a possibility, Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said.
Otherwise, everything is just fine.

A protester carries a sign during a rally protesting the Tokyo Olympic Games, which will be held in four years. Following concerns about the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, demonstrators gathered to protest the arrival of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach in Hiroshima.

A protester carries a sign during a rally in opposition to the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, held in Tokyo on July 16, 2021.

It is possible to feel sorry for the Japanese, who face many hardships. With all the errors, scandals, and blunders that the Olympics is known for, it was just a matter of time before everything ran well.

The new building was kept to a minimum because of this. If required, temporary facilities were erected to accommodate the Games or ones that could be repurposed afterward. This was supposed to go off without a hitch due to the financial resources and understanding of Tokyo and the meticulous preparation of the local organizing committee.

Tokyo had already been dubbed “the best-prepared city for the Olympic Games” by IOC President Thomas Bach.

The nation was proud to have hosted the Olympic Games for the first time. For nearly every country, Japan’s per-capita television ratings for the Olympics are at the top. It was considered a watershed event in Japan’s recovery from World War II when it hosted the 1964 Summer Games. As a result, the country became viewed as a modern, welcoming, and forward-thinking nation.

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