US State Department Does Not Participate in the Beijing Olympics Boycott

As we know, there have been attempts to boycott Beijing Olympics. The movement participants encourage institutions and groups to join with their movement.

Regarding to the boycott movement, the US State Department denied that they were discussing the joint boycott.

Regarding to this, the US State Department denied that they were discussing the joint boycott.

The upcoming Beijing Olympics will take place on February next year.

The senior State Department official wrote in an email statement implying that they didn’t join the boycott with the allies and partners. In other words, the State Department has yet to decide which side they are participating.

The spokesman of Department Ned Price back then suggested that the boycott of the Olympic Game was among the possibilities to take. There’s a sensible reason why the  boycott takes place at the first time.

People across the globe have been concerning the human rights abuses that happen in China.

The Olympics Games in Beijing are taking place between February 4 to February 20. The discussion of the diplomatic boycott has come off hot as the big event is fast approaching. Well, in this timeline, a year is pretty short time gap.

Meanwhile, Biden administration pushes it.

Some parties have encouraged to produce the strict policy against China. And the boycott could be one of the most effective ways to actualize it.

Back in March, the US sanctioned two Chinese officials because of the abuses against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. The Biden administration is not the only one to take such action. The other parties also root for the actions such as UK, Canada, and European Union.

US also charged China with the genocide against Uyghurs. The muslim population indigenous has struggled to survive in the Northwest of China. However, the Foreign Ministry and China officials rejected the charges.

That was also one of the factors that make the US and China relationship goes bump. From the earlier time of Biden administration, there have been some issues raised from China.

Biden also claimed that he would have different approaches to push back against Beijing. But they are ready to work with Beijing when it is analog with the America’s interest as well.

Back then, the tensions were way to severe under Trump administration. We still remembered that market was pretty tough because of the trade war. Trump also banned some Chinese companies from doing business in the US.

State Department clearly stated that it was not considering the joint Boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Ned Price was indicating about the boycott back then. But the State Department clarified his statement.

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