U.S. Olympic Trials Schedule 2021: TV Channel, Live Stream & More Info

A month before the summer Olympics, we are pretty happy to welcome the US Olympic Trials. The date is around the corner. So, if you are a huge fan of the Olympics, make sure to buckle up and reserve your option right now.

After a year-long delay due to the covid-19 breakout, the US Olympic swimming trials will finally take place. And it won’t be the same as the previous trials that we have been familiar with. Instead, all of the things will be under the pandemic protocols. Masks are as important as other equipment like suits, caps, and goggles.

Not to mention that all people involved in the event should undergo the tests regularly to make sure that the particular bubble is safe from infection.

The event will be the eight-day trials that take place in the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

Live Streams of Olympic Trials 2021

If you ask if the 2021 Olympic Trials will be on live streaming, the answer is a big YES. the Fubo TV will be the destination you want to pick as an option.

The officials confirmed that NBC and NBCSN would broadcast the Olympic Trials event on the screen. Naturally, if you are like other cord-cutters on earth, you will surely want to reserve the best watching option.

FuboTV will handle the events. In addition, it offers 7 days free trial for new users. So, if it is the first time you can use FuboTV, you could take advantage of watching and following Olympic Trials for free without paying anything.

Try fubotv free streams

If you subscribe to the service, consider picking the Fubo Standard as a basic plan. Costing $64.99 per month, it comes with 100+ channels, including NBC and NBCSN. Of course, there are plenty of options for the sports content as well.

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U.S. Olympic Trials 2021 TV Options

U.S. Olympic Trials 2021 will live coverage on NBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, Peacock, and NBCOlympics.com. So you need to know when is which channel will broadcast the Olympic Trials. So check the Olympic Trials TV Schedule from below:

U.S. Olympic Trials Schedule 202

U.S. Olympic Trials Schedule 2021

NBC has exclusive rights to all Olympic games and events in the US and US territories. And for the Olympic swimming trials, the respective channel will conduct the coverage from June 13 to June 20.

The preliminary races will take place in the morning, with the qualifying heats for the final. The round of semifinals will also take place later during the day. However, the first round of preliminary coverage is only available on NBCOlympics.com. The semifinals are available on the NBC Sports Network. So, using FuboTV is already an appropriate choice for you and your fellow viewers.

Here is the Complete 2021 USA Olympic Trials Schedule with Dates, Times and TV Channels:

Olympic Swimming Trials Schedule

DateCompetitionTime (ET)Network
June 4Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 5Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 6Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 7Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 13Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*5:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 14Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 15Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 16Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 17Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals*10 p.m.NBC
June 18Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*6 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals9 p.m.NBC
June 19Qualifying Heats11 a.m.NBCOlympics.com
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals9 p.m.NBC
June 20Finals8 p.m.NBC

Olympic Diving Trials Schedule

DateCompetitionTime (ET)Network
June 8Semifinals (W Springboard/M Platform)7 p.m.Olympic Channel | Peacock
June 9Semifinals (M Springboard/W Platform)7 p.m.Olympic Channel | Peacock
June 10Synchro Finals (W Springboard)7 p.m.Olympic Channel | Peacock
June 11Synchro Finals (M Springboard/W Platform)7 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
June 12Women’s Springboard Final4 p.m.NBC
Men’s Platform Final8 p.m.NBC
June 13Men’s Springboard Final7 p.m.NBC
Women’s Platform Final9 p.m.NBC

Olympic Track and Field Trials Schedule

DateKey FinalsTime (ET)Network
June 18Qualifying7 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
M 10,000m/Shot Put10 p.m.NBC
June 19Qualifying8 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
W 100m/Discus10 p.m.NBC
June 20W/M 400m, W 100mh, M 100m9 p.m.NBC
June 21Qualifying7 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
W 1500m/5000m, M 800m8 p.m.NBC
June 24W 3000m Steeplechase/Shot Put9 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
June 25M 3000m Steeplechase/Discus5 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
June 26M 400mh/110mh, W 10,000m/200m9 p.m.NBC
June 27W 400mh/800m, M 5000m/1500m/200m7 p.m.NBC

Olympic Gymnastics Trials Schedule

DateCompetitionTime (ET)Network
June 24Men Day 16:30 p.m.NBCSN | LIVE STREAM
June 25Women Day 18 p.m.NBC
June 26Men Day 23 p.m.Olympic Channel
Men Day 24 p.m.NBC
June 27Women Day 28:30 p.m.NBC

*Delayed broadcast.

The 2021 Olympic Trials events will give the answers to the viewers about who is going to head to the Summer Olympics. For latest updates visit NBC Official website.


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