Watch USA Olympic Swimming Trials Live Stream Online Free & TV Guide

It is only a month away until we can see the most fantastic sporting event on earth, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But before that, one needs to decide which swimmers deserve to wear the USA swim caps at the Tokyo Olympics.

The 2021 swimming trials are the continuation of the Wave 1 of the US Olympic swimming trials which happened on June 7.

In the Swimming trials, the top US swimmers will compete with each other at CHI Health Center Arena in Omaha, Nebraska. They are competing in order to attain the exact spots in the Olympic teams.

If you want to follow this event from the preliminaries to the finals, you can use this guide to help you reserve the right option to live stream free & TV coverage guide.

USA Olympic Swimming Trials

USA Olympic Swimming Trials Schedule & TV Coverage Guide

The officials have confirmed that NBC has the exclusive rights to broadcast all Olympic content in the US. If you are using TV, you can tune in to NBC or NBC Sports, depending on the schedules. Both channels will interchange the broadcasts of the swimming trials from June 13 to June 20.

Some of the preliminary events will take place in the morning. The heats of the finals will take place around 11 AM each day.

Meanwhile, the semi-finals will take place later on during the day.

Olympic Swimming Trials Schedule

DateCompetitionTime (ET)Channel
June 4Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 5Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 6Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 7Wave I8 p.m.Olympic Channel
June 13Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*5:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 14Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 15Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 16Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBC
June 17Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals8 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals*10 p.m.NBC
June 18Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*6 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals9 p.m.NBC
June 19Qualifying Heats11
Qualifying Heats*6:30 p.m.NBCSN | Peacock
Finals9 p.m.NBC
June 20Finals8 p.m.NBC

If you want to watch the preliminaries, keep in mind that you can only view them on

Meanwhile, the semi-finals rounds will be available on NBC Sports Network.

It could be a bit tricky to pick the channels in every round. So, you will need to stick to the schedule offered by the NBC staff on their official site. Follow through with the schedules so that you won’t miss the event.

Meanwhile, the finals of the swimming trials coverage will be available on NBC at 8 PM.

But Friday and Saturday Finals will be at 9 PM.

On Thursday, one final kicks off at 8 PM, and another final will start at 10 PM.

To see how NBC breaks down the schedule, you could hover your mouse to its official site.

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Watch Olympic Swimming Trials Live Stream Free Online on FuboTV

If you’ve cut the cord, you don’t need to worry. You could use Live streaming services like FuboTV to view all of the actions. FuboTV comes with a 7 days free trial for new users. You can use this option to watch the Olympics swimming trials for free. The package of FuboTV already includes NBC and NBC Sports. You just need to tune in to either channel to follow the spectacle.

It is easy to activate your FuboTV Trial account. Some plans on the platform already include a free trial.

First things first, you need to register an account. To register for a free trial user, the platform encourages you to provide your credit or debit card. Then you just need to fill in the form and finalize the registration. VOILA, you are ready to use the free trial membership.

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