How to watch 2021 Olympics Live Stream in New Zealand & TV Coverage

In this content, you will get the 2021 Olympics New Zealand TV coverage guide and how to watch 2021 Olympics live stream online from New Zealand.

2021 Olympics New Zealand team members will arrive in Tokyo, Japan, in July to delegate their country to compete in the prestigious sports competition, namely the 2021 Summer Olympic Games.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is no way to coming to Japan. So, watching Tokyo games live streaming online through your favorite screen is the best option for you.

Olympics live stream in New Zealand

Which TV Channel will coverage the 2021 Olympics in New Zealand?

Sky and TVNZ is the official broadcaster of The Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 in New Zealand.

Folks who travel or live in New Zealand can tune into Sky Sport to watch the 2021 Tokyo Olympics games.

Sky Sport Next has been in a serious partnership with New Zealand Sport Collective. This collaboration involves a lot of parties from the sports world.

Through Sky Sport Next, folks in New Zealand can access the sports content and thousands of events, including the Tokyo Olympics Games.

Sky Sport Next YouTube Channel will stream some parts of the events, but not the full one.

TVNZ to deliver free-to-air coverage daily at Tokyo Olympics

The Sky Sport NZ will be broadcasting the relevant content. The sport streaming service that allows you to watch sports games live is available on Sky Sport Now.

Meanwhile, if you have an antenna device at home or your place, you could tune into the Prime channel.

It is a free-to-air option. But you need to check if your area is within the coverage or not before proceeding. Free-to-air options might only be eligible for some areas that are included in the agreement.

How to Watch Summer Olympics 2021 live via Sky Go App?

Sky Go allows you to watch Summer Olympics via your smartphone or tablet. It is available for iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is to install the app on your devices and proceed. With Sky Go, you will be able to watch the shows live, and on demands.

Sky Go offers both live and on-demand coverage. It is free for Sky TV subscribers in NZ. If you already subscribe to a Sky Sports channel plan, there shouldn’t be a problem for you and folks. The live streaming service like this comes with a geo-restriction policy. So, you won’t expect to get coverage when you’re out of the country. Sky Go also comes with certain limitations. It is only working on limited numbers of devices.

To unblock the geo-restriction, I suggest you purchase a VPN service and connect to the New Zealand server to get access.

How to Watch 2021 Olympics live online from New Zealand?

You can also use your credentials to get the Sky Sports live at home or abroad for the Sky Sports subscribers. Not to mention that you can use credentials on your PC, Laptop, or Sky Go apps.

The channels you need to tune are Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports News, Eurosport 1 and 2.

Sky Go also comes with a range of entertainment and sports channels that you can enjoy.

Keep in mind that VPN service does not come with Sky go Account. You will need to have a Sky TV subscription and credentials to proceed. If you have a friend who wants to share the credentials with you, it can be a great idea.

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