Olympics 2018: PyeongChang Schedule of Dates, USA and UK TV Coverage

The world will be watching as the Winter Olympics 2018 starts to unfold. The games will be played in PyeongChang and televised across the world over. USA and UK TV coverage will keep viewers updated on each event. Fans have their favorite athletes and want to see them win medals too. Stay current with some of the moves made by the Olympics 2018 organizers and the athletes themselves. There are many great events scheduled to take place during those winter games. South Korea is proud to host their first Winter Olympics in its history. That will be a fine addition that the citizens will appreciate too.

Olympics 2018

Here are full details of how to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Start Date: Thursday, February 8

End Date: Sunday, February 25

Live Stream: BBC Sport (UK), Eurosport Player (UK), NBC Sports (U.S.), NBCOlympics.com (U.S.)

TV Info: BBC (UK), Eurosport (UK), NBC (U.S.)

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Viewers can see the opening ceremony as it begins on February 9, 2018. There will be some traditional elements mixed with modern routines incorporated for viewers. Expect the culture of South Korea to be on full display as people move forward. Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988, which was considered to be a resounding success. People enjoyed the venue and traveled from far away to arrive in the country. Olympics 2018 promises to be a worthy successor and many Koreans are excited. It is a great chance for their country to be displayed on the biggest stage in the world.

The venue was chosen back in 2011 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Planning for Olympics 2018 has been in effect for some time now too. Many countries have announced their intention to arrive at Pyeongchang too. That is a city located in the mountains and features a lot of snowy hills. That is perfect for the Olympics 2018 set to take place in the area. There was a torch relay that actually started in Greece. That began on October 24, 2017 and eventually ended in Korea itself. There were 7,500 torch runners, which symbolized the 75 million people living in South Korea at the time. The torch relay entered Korea on November 1, 2017 and will continue until the games. There will be an official lighting of the torch at the start of the Olympics 2018 games.

Two mascots have been unveiled for Olympics 2018 in South Korea. They are named Soohorang and Bandabi for those who follow these events. Soohorang is a white tiger and Bandabi is a black bear. They represent the natural beauty of South Korea and some of the native species in the country. People think that these mascots are a great addition to the Olympics 2018 games too. These mascots are fun and represent a great aspect of culture in South Korea. See these mascots appear live on TV broadcast around the world.

There are some changes underway to how the Olympics 2018 games will be broadcast. Several TV stations are vying to show these games live as they unfold. NBC is a traditional host and wants to showcase the Winter Olympics again as they are played. Bob Costas was the long time host of the Winter Olympics programming on NBC. But he announced his retirement on February 7, 2017. He is slated to be replaced by Mike Turico for the Olympics 2018 held in South Korea. The USA and UK will have their own television stations ready to broadcast the games live too.

Security concerns are a paramount topic of debate for the host. South Korean president Moon Jae-In has issued statements about security at the event. Olympics 2018 expects to feature a lot of security for both athletes and attendees. The audience will need to check in and show identification to proceed to the games themselves. That promises to be a popular event and one that will be safe. A record number of athletes and attendees are expected to arrive for Olympics 2018. Everyone wants to enjoy their time and watch athletes compete well along the way.

All of the materials for Olympics 2018 have been made to suit the Pyeongchang games. That is important because they can’t be confused with Pyongyang. Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, distinct from South Korea these days. Even the gold, silver and bronze medals feature Pyeongchang on them. They will be awarded to athletes who win various events during the Olympics 2018 games. Materials handed out to the crowd will also feature the city name on them. That will keep everything organized and neatly arranged on site. People have shown their support for the city chosen for Olympics 2018.

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