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Olympics 2018: PyeongChang Schedule of Dates, USA and UK TV Coverage

The world will be watching as the Winter Olympics 2018 starts to unfold. The games will be played in PyeongChang and televised across the world over. USA and UK TV coverage will keep viewers updated on each event. Fans have their favorite athletes and want to see them win medals too. Stay current with some of the moves made by the Olympics 2018 organizers and the athletes themselves. There are many great events scheduled to take place during those winter games. South Korea is proud to host their first Winter Olympics in its history. That will be a fine addition that the citizens will appreciate too.

Olympics 2018

Here are full details of how to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Start Date: Thursday, February 8

End Date: Sunday, February 25

Live Stream: BBC Sport (UK), Eurosport Player (UK), NBC Sports (U.S.), (U.S.)

TV Info: BBC (UK), Eurosport (UK), NBC (U.S.)

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Viewers can see the opening ceremony as it begins on February 9, 2018. There will be some traditional elements mixed with modern routines incorporated for viewers. Expect the culture of South Korea to be on full display as people move forward. Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988, which was considered to be a resounding success. People enjoyed the venue and traveled from far away to arrive in the country. Olympics 2018 promises to be a worthy successor and many Koreans are excited. It is a great chance for their country to be displayed on the biggest stage in the world.

The venue was chosen back in 2011 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Planning for Olympics 2018 has been in effect for some time now too. Many countries have announced their intention to arrive at Pyeongchang too. That is a city located in the mountains and features a lot of snowy hills. That is perfect for the Olympics 2018 set to take place in the area. There was a torch relay that actually started in Greece. That began on October 24, 2017 and eventually ended in Korea itself. There were 7,500 torch runners, which symbolized the 75 million people living in South Korea at the time. The torch relay entered Korea on November 1, 2017 and will continue until the games. There will be an official lighting of the torch at the start of the Olympics 2018 games.

Two mascots have been unveiled for Olympics 2018 in South Korea. They are named Soohorang and Bandabi for those who follow these events. Soohorang is a white tiger and Bandabi is a black bear. They represent the natural beauty of South Korea and some of the native species in the country. People think that these mascots are a great addition to the Olympics 2018 games too. These mascots are fun and represent a great aspect of culture in South Korea. See these mascots appear live on TV broadcast around the world.

There are some changes underway to how the Olympics 2018 games will be broadcast. Several TV stations are vying to show these games live as they unfold. NBC is a traditional host and wants to showcase the Winter Olympics again as they are played. Bob Costas was the long time host of the Winter Olympics programming on NBC. But he announced his retirement on February 7, 2017. He is slated to be replaced by Mike Turico for the Olympics 2018 held in South Korea. The USA and UK will have their own television stations ready to broadcast the games live too.

Security concerns are a paramount topic of debate for the host. South Korean president Moon Jae-In has issued statements about security at the event. Olympics 2018 expects to feature a lot of security for both athletes and attendees. The audience will need to check in and show identification to proceed to the games themselves. That promises to be a popular event and one that will be safe. A record number of athletes and attendees are expected to arrive for Olympics 2018. Everyone wants to enjoy their time and watch athletes compete well along the way.

All of the materials for Olympics 2018 have been made to suit the Pyeongchang games. That is important because they can’t be confused with Pyongyang. Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, distinct from South Korea these days. Even the gold, silver and bronze medals feature Pyeongchang on them. They will be awarded to athletes who win various events during the Olympics 2018 games. Materials handed out to the crowd will also feature the city name on them. That will keep everything organized and neatly arranged on site. People have shown their support for the city chosen for Olympics 2018.

What’s Big in The 2018 Winter Olympics?

With the 2018 Winter Olympics nearly upon us, everyone is abuzz with patriotism. With the opening ceremony on the ninth, the 2018 Winter Olympics are almost here. From new sports to first-time and returning competitors, here’s what to look forward to.

2018 Winter Olympics

New Sports
The four new sports that were added to this year’s program are big air snowboarding and freestyle skiing, mass start speed skating, and mixed doubles curling.

In big air events, competitors slide down a slope to a large ramp, where they launch themselves into the air to perform complex jumps and flips. Olympians aim for the best height and distance.

Mass start speed skating entails a large group of skaters beginning in a pack, rather than side-by-side, from the same starting line and ending at the same finish line. Positioning depends on the competitors past records.

Mixed doubles curling involves teams of two, a man and a woman, playing with five stones.

Promising Olympians
Several new competitors are joining returning Olympians in this year’s games. Here are a few of both.

18-year-old Nathan Chen has already broken records as the first male figure skater to perform six quadruple jumps in one performance. He currently holds two national titles.

Chloe Kim, at age seventeen, will be entering as a snowboarder. She earned three gold medals at the X Games before age 16, the first athlete to ever do so. She is also the first woman to land back-to-back 1080s, and also to earn a perfect score of 100. She would become the youngest American to pick up a medal in snowboarding if she places.

Adam Rippon will be figure skating here for the first time at age 28. He beat his runner-up status in the 2016 national championships, and has made the podium three times in 2017 international competitions. He is also the first openly gay US athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Joining Adam as one of the first openly gay male athletes is Gus Kenworthy, a British-born American freestyle skier. He is a one-time Olympic athlete who won silver in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Ice dancing pair Alex and Maia Shibutani will be joining Nathan Chen and Adam Rippon on the ice. As two-time US National champions, they are returning skaters who show promise despite placing ninth in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

One-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Jamie Anderson won the first-ever slopestyle competition in Sochi. With a killer record of 12 Winter X Games medals, she returns for the 2018 PyeongChang Games.

Mikaela Shiffrin returns, having been the youngest champion in slalom alpine skiing in history at just 18 years old. The alpine ski racer is also the reining Overall World Cup champion, as well as the reigning Olympic and world champion in slalom.

After winning the national title in 2015 and 2018, Alexa and Chris Knierim will be the sole US figure skating pair representatives at the 2018 Games. They are also the first married couple from the US to make the Olympics in twenty years.

Ashley Wagner, the current oldest US female figure skater at age 26, looks to return as an Olympian for the second time. She won bronze in the 2014 Games, and has also earned nine medals in her sport.

Both 33, Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs make up an intimidating bobsled team. While Taylor is a two-time Olympic medalist, Gibbs is newer. They teamed up after Sochi with Gibbs as the brakeman.

At seventeen years old, Ghana-born short-track speedskater Maame Biney is also the first black woman to become part of the Olympic US speedskater team.

College student Jordan Greenwood is also the first African-American to join a US Olympics team, this time in ice hockey.

Also firsts in their category are three Nigerian-American women who form Africa’s first-ever bobsled team, and also the first African-American representatives in the Winter Olympics. All former track stars, they too hope to take home gold for their country.

And lastly, the Jamaican bobsled team will be returning–but this year, their team is composed of women. They, too, are making history as the first Jamaican women’s bobsleigh team.

Those are our favorites for US gold and a quick summary of the added sports. From America’s finest to people from other nations competing, they are first-timers and world record breakers. Hope to see you at the games!

What You Didn’t Know About Winter Olympics 2018

Winter Olympics 2018 is scheduled to be held in Pyeongchang. This region, Pyeongchang, has won the bid after simultaneous falls in the year 2010 and 2014. Pyeongchang is thus set to host the Winter Olympics 2018 and the Winter Paralympics 2018. This region is known to experience warm weather few times in a year. Winter is however prolonged and characterized by snow. During winter, cold air from Siberia passes through the Korean Peninsula bringing about the icy conditions. Participants of the Winter Olympics 2018 are thus set to experience the cold conditions as the games will be held at a time winter will be the weather around. During winter, northeast winds blow from the East sea bringing with them severe storms.

With preparations for the games ongoing, organizers are taking the cold weather into consideration. Intensive exercises, as well as prior preparations, are being held. There had been complaining of the previous two winter Olympics being too warm. Winter Olympics 2018 will be exceptional at this time the conditions will be chilly. Organizers of the Winter Olympics 2018 are worry of the opening ceremony that is set to be conducted under cold conditions. The games are set to kick off on 9th February 2018. The severe cold conditions at Pyeongchang were recorder to leave six people hypothermic during the last concert. The wind chills which are predicted to be 7 degrees Fahrenheit are scaring to many spectators. Thirty-five thousand spectators are targeted to attend the Winter Olympics 2018. Pyeongchang winds that descend from Manchurian plains and Siberia are said to be biting.

Winter Olympics 2018

Winter Olympics 2018 Will Be the Coldest Ever

Speculations have it that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics 2018 are set to be held on chilly days. The conditions will be severe as the Pyeongchang Olympic stadium has been built without a roof. The absence of a roof was deemed to cut on finances as central heating would turn too expensive. With the cold conditions now known to everyone, doubts are there on how the opening and closing ceremonies will be held and f they will turn successful. The organizers of the Winter Olympics 2018 have come up with strategies that will keep everyone warm. Spectators will be provided with a blanket, a heating pad, and a raincoat to keep them warm. As the central heating is not there, officials have deliberated on putting up a polycarbonate wall at the high points of the stadium. The walls will block the notorious winds thus making the conditions less severe. Portable gas heaters will also be availed between the rows. Spectators will have access to warm food and drinks while at the stadium and this is thought of making them comfy.

Reuters reports that the Winter Olympics 2018 will set a new record due to the weather conditions. Despite the winter Olympics have been held in cold conditions there before, the 2018 series is set to be the toughest. The 2010 Vancouver and the 2014 Sochi winter games were cold too but not to the extent predicted to be witnessed in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. For the 2010 Vancouver winter games, temperatures were reported to be above the freezing point causing snow to melt. Organizers in the Vancouver games had to cover the empty ski slopes with a bale of straw containing artificial and real snow. In Sochi, snow had to be stored away to preserve enough for the games.

Athletes of the Winter Olympics 2018 have not been left out in the equation of being kept warm. Polo Ralph Lauren has been chosen to be the official outfitter for the Winter Olympics 2018. Athletes will be served with a heated parka. Heated parkas will get power from a separate battery pack. The Americans are set to have an outfit of navy bandanas and beanie hats, brown boots with red laces, blue jeans, and suede gloves.

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Pyeongchang Preparations for Venues of Winter Olympics 2018

Pyeongchang is privileged again to win the second bid of hosting the Olympic games the second time despite losing the bid to host them twice in 2010 and 2014. South Korea has thus built a variety of world ski resorts and hostels to accommodate the spectators who will visit the region. Pyeongchang is implementing its 2018 dream program; a legacy it acquired from 2010 bid. The International Olympic Committee chief inspected the progress of the venue being built. The development of the project pleased him, and thus he mandated completion of the site. The main venues for the Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang are set to be at Alpensia and the coastal city of Gangneung. Despite the fact that Pyeongchang been endowed with most places where the games can be held, these two regions have won the bid. Alpensia resort is set to be center of the 2018 matches.

The area has venues such as Olympic Park of Hoenggye, Alpensia Ski Jumping skiing, Biathlon Center for biathlon, Nordic Center for cross-country skiing events where participants slide slopes on a sled. Nordic as well is a combination of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Alpensia also has Village Yongpyong Resort and Olympic village for carrying out alpine skiing events. The coastal cluster has a set of stadiums too. Among the stadiums include Gangneung Indoor Ice Rink for Curling, Union Hockey Center for Ice Hockey and Gangneung Sports Complex for Skating games. Additionally, this comprises of a Coastal cluster Gyeongpo Ice Hall for short track speed and figure skating games. From Pyeongchang to Seoul, a new high-speed railway is being constructed to ease transport between these two regions.

A symbol of Harmony is represented through by Pyeongchang’s Olympic Emblem. It has five colors of yellow, green, blue, red and black. The basis if the Emblem colors are Korea’s five cardinals and motif of the Olympic ring. Pyeongchang will incur a massive budget as a result of hosting the winter Olympic games. The region is however privileged to host them as it’s the third Asian city to host them. Winter Olympics 2018 is set to incur the highest budget ever. Infrastructure, accommodation, and provision of basic needs to spectators will be big a strain. Pyeongchang has however reserved $1.5 billion to facilitate the games and roughly $2 to $6 billion to develop infrastructure. However, Pyeongchang emerges as the smallest city to host such competitions since 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer Norway.